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    Cooking out of a partially converted van

    i’ve got something similar to below (but bigger) on the back door of my Land Rover fold down platform which has big storage mole pouches attached really over engineered but keep everything in one spot
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    The String Vest revisited… Fishnet Mesh Underwear

    Brief update :cool: Got myself a tester 4XL Brynje vest and once washed fitted perfectly (I’m 6’4 and 17.5 stone) wore it dog walking under a normal t-shirt and it feels like it does insulate really well but without the damp t-shirt aspect when you stop. works well under gortex as you avoid...
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    Best thing for finger bandaging.

    I’ve been a survey/remote/hostile environment medic 17 years and before that an RM medic gold standard finger dressing for me will always be a small cut to size patch of gauze/pad covered with a tegaderm dressing that covers whole finger. about as solid and bullet proof as you will get if done...
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    Ridgeline elite smock latest model?

    I’ve had a ridgeline monsoon elite for a couple of years now. sent it off to Lancashire kit repairers to get pit vents put in. don’t use anything else now, very waterproof, breathable and with extra vents spot on. look like a yeti in it though :biggrin: like the length but you still need to...
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    The String Vest revisited… Fishnet Mesh Underwear

    Are there any U.K. suppliers of string vests. I’m an ex Bootneck medic who works in all the worst places and interested in temperature management I currently wear a normal cotton vest for all environments from Siberia to Yemen A vest system that gives some “air space” is helpful in hot and...
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    Mindful meditation Yoga Fun exercise (not gym treadmill/lift a few weights) find something you enjoy doing that you need to be fit to do, train to be fit to do what you love proficiently eg surfing or a martial art Realise work isn’t serio7s, it’s not the be-all and end all of life See your GP...
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    Lowa Patrol Boots - Pic Heavy

    My experience 20+ Years is that they are bombproof, great fit, comfy out the box and I wear nothing else They could be described as a heavier boot, whatever model you buy. Interestingly I had a pair of lowa desert boots that I used in littoral/desert survey work for four years. Despite being...
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    yep, hence getting some pit vents put in mine
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    Berghaus Munro - an old flame

    My first and Only Munro is 22 years old in December :cool2:
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    I tried the Paramo Alta 3. Did a review below. (My current go to jacket is the Ridgeline Monson elite 11. Which I am about to send of to get some pit vents put in it) I've run the paramo for a month, out twice a day minimal, standard **** December weather. Positives: At 6'4 and 18 stone this...
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    TV documentary from the eighties

    My first Company SM was the guy in the documentary wearing the ginger cat hat. absolutely barking Legend
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    4x4 camper

    The Beast is back on the Market....
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    Your vids of your trucks.

    Not got a vid as in syria at the minute and they don't allow media sharing but heres a link to ""The Beast"
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    Needing incredibly breathable footware advice.

    It sound like you may have hyper-hydrosis (Excessive sweating) Its not uncommon, you can get industrial strength anti perspirant which may help May be worth popping in to see your GP for a bit of advice. Google it and see what you reckon Toodlepip
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    Are the New Pro Boots suitable for winter in Norway?

    They look like knock off lowas..