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    Alpkit Gamma Headtorch

    you can remove the centre strap it clips off, IMO it's only worth having if you intend running whilst wearing it. mine almost got through the letter box before the top strap was pulled off :P
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    Walking In the really rough stuff.

    what about one of these (made to size and specs) then or a montane extreme smock/jacket? Ben
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    bushcraft magazine

    I've been getting it from WhSmith, if that helps. Ben
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    Stove guidance / recomendation please

    If you go down the jetboil route it is a fantastic stove, it boils really fast packinto it's self without rattling fits perfectly into a green exped drybag. however the pot stand and stabaliser is a must or else its a wobbly top heavy contraption that you will stuggle to cook much else than boil...
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    Bushmoot 2009

    Someone too some photos of us being taught bowdrill It would be good to see those pictures, although I probably look like I'm scheming as usual. I took a grand total of 1 picture and that was to setup my camera (which I then forgot to use) :twak: Ben
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    New Sheaths

    They are really really impressive. I got very close to buying the one on the left about 3 times over the moot, and came even closer at the very end when John Fenna tried to get me to buy one, but I was a bit worried about messing it up with my aweful sewing. ordered myself a bernie garland...
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    Your drink of choice.

    most real ales and pretty much anything bar gin (vile aftershave stuff), made some billberry vodka today, hopefully that will turn out well (we'll see in 6 months)
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    Slack Line Walking...?

    don't worry, throw a bouldering mat under it and you'll be fine... or miss the mat completly and faceplant the tree its attached to :p
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    Slack Line Walking...?

    did some slacklining the week before the moot, it's a good laugh. you need staberlisers (i.e. other people) for a while though its a very odd feeling walking along a piece of thin seatbelt :D Ben
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    Happy Birthday Tony!

    Happy Birthday :beerchug:
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    Bushmoot 2009

    is it not one of those campbed, chair/throne contraptions? like this Ben
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    How do I hang a hammock in the back garden?

    I put mine under the trampoline a while ago just make sure theres no-one around to jump on you or laugh as you attempt to crawl under the trampoline to get uin the hammock :p
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    kit help

    ^ just looked at that again and I'm sure it was cheaper around christmas. Ben
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    FREE!! Bushcraft course (24/08/08)

    ^was it you who was going to delamere after ? I was the one in the green army shirt with no waterproof or coat looking totally unprepared as I'm off on an expedition tomorrow and all my kit was packed. and the first to leave (unfortunatly) wasn't me who said anything about BCUK. I was not...