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  • Don’t worry about over packing. Max will take your kit to and from the site to the car park in the vehicle. Be prepared for a steep climb to get to the site. It’s not rushed and there’s some nice views on the way.

    I’m afraid I can’t make this course so we won’t meet on this occasion but I hope you enjoy it.

    Any more questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

    All the best,

    Woodlife Trails

    Sorry in 3 parts. Your email address pinged back undeliverable.
    It’s usually damp and chilly there whatever the season, so bring appropriate clothes for that. It usually rains. I would bring a small day bag for toting your essentials about during the day. I would take a sit mat as well. There’s a bit of sitting about on logs in the classroom area and sit spots. If it’s wet you’ll soon get a damp ****. No problem with a folding stool or chair for the evenings sitting around the fire. A torch with a red or green filter is essential as white light is frowned upon. No need for an axe, but a knife is handy for making your tracking stick.

    Other kit: bring a cyalume stick and a whistle for emergencies; a micro light or other illumination may be handy to locate your tent (if there’s no moon it’s pitch black) snacks for the trail; note book.
    Hi Calum,

    The course takes place at the top of some waterfalls in what is mainly a coniferous area. It’s quite steep and closed-in and not a lot of flat space for tents although there is some available. If you’re used to hammocking then that might be a better option. This is what I do.

    Most people bring boil in a bag meals as there isn’t a great deal of time for cooking meals. I would bring your own gas or meths stove as the main fire can get a bit crowded. Bottled drinking water is supplied - But not enough for washing. There’s a small leat nearby which provides washing water. I always bring an extra 4 litres of water in a bladder or water container.

    The ablutions are a brief walk with a spade (provided). There’s usually enough hand gel and toilet paper to go round.
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