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    A bit of a silly thread, but I 'm curious. Have you ever... Here is an article on the belly button fluff. Shockingly, it claims most belly fluff is blue. I do not recall ever having it blue but I also admit that I have not been very observant...

    Savotta rucksacks

    Thank you for the reviews! The strange "lucky dip" zippers, side tensioning and missing hip belt can all be fixed or modified with not much difficulties. Just a bit of leather, wax and thread. Time to send my Berghaus to a new home and get that rugged Finn on my back!

    Great surplus kit that has gone...

    I recently got my Swedish army snow smock. Unissued, like new (with a surplus smell, of course). It is little too big for me, maybe should have taken one size smaller. But having plenty of room for a few layers of wool and a thick fleece jacket underneath is pretty damn nice. First mod to do...

    Fancy folding knife sheath

    I too have been not too crazy about folders. But after receiving it and using it, I am in love. Does not feel flimsy and can take some proper use. Good enough for carving and skinning. Cleaning it can be somewhat of a chore but as long as it is maintained clean after use, it is really no...

    Fancy folding knife sheath

    Thank you everyone for kind words. Here are few more (belt and neck carry pictures have to wait a little bit- the batteries in my camera died due to the cold).

    Fancy folding knife sheath

    Will be done tomorrow along with a new axe sheath!

    Fancy folding knife sheath

    Hei! I was gifted a folding knife some time ago. Last time I used one on daily basis was in my childhood. But I have become to love this folder so damn much that it sometimes does the tasks that my belt knife usually does. Excellent folder! So I made a leather sheath for it to carry on the belt...

    Savotta rucksacks

    I have been eyeing the Savotta saddle sack 339 for over a year now. Thinking about getting it to replace my Cyclops 2. I have an old external frame swedish army pack as a day-pack and really love the external frame packs. Can anyone who have used the 339 give an opinion for the bag? Being...

    Winter is coming. Is your kit load out changing with the season?

    The most notable difference are my clothing and sleeping gear. Other than that I carry my main tools (knife, axe and a saw) and 3 piece cooking kit (pot, pan and a cup) with me all year around. Choice in food items seems to remain mostly the same with the exception of meat. I tend to eat less...

    Varusteleka - the strange surplus shop from Finland

    I heartily recommend Varusteleka shop! I have been ordering from them some surplus items and they have been in excellent conditions. Most of the items received seems to be unissued and those that have been used and abused are still in perfectly usable state. For example, the surplus snow gaters...

    Trip Report Video of trips in late autumn/early winter in Estonia

    Hei! Not really a bushcrafting video but rather a collection of clips from few places I visited past 4 months for your enjoyment. Any thoughts and critics are welcome. Still learning about filming and editing.

    Hults Bruk - Hultafors Axes....are they any good?

    Good points on axes and knives! I used dirt cheap mass production "no-good" store axe for years for my daily firewood. The handle was the worst I ever saw and broke after 2 months of use but the axe-head is a fantastic for the price. Not a real good splitter, but a fantastic as a hewing axe. I...

    Weird outdoor stories with Beardmaster

    Indeed there was another situation! Raging boars and poachers It took place in early summer in the same year. My family had bought back the farming land of our forebears. At some point it had been abandoned and sold to a forest company and for many decades it stood empty. There were some...

    Weird outdoor stories with Beardmaster

    Mowmow, that had to be an intense night to spend out there! Worst creatures to meet in the woods are the two legged ones. Then again, they must have been pretty surprised to meet you too! Playing hide and seek with thieves This story took place just a week ago when I received 3 deer hides as...

    Tarp advice

    I have used the DD 3x3 tarp for 3-4 years now and it has been my only shelter ever since. Depends on what configuration you will use it, but I have had 4 people under it with no problems. I have had small cooking fires underneath it most of the times it's been used. By now the tarp smells like...