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    First attempt at knife making...

    great work pal keep it up pal
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    bolton in lanc's mate lol
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    i love hazel get ember first time everytime . i can get ember with almost every wood now in most conditions but i always carry a hazel spin with me in my rucksack (what works for one won't necessarily work for everyone) that true mate
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    lime and willow great starting woods for starting out with the bow drill i use hazel but that my personal choice keep the bow same lenght of the arm drill smoothly and firm , when it starts to smoke furiously i tend to keep goin for another 10 to 20 strokes to make sure ive got the ember...
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    Can you help me identify this?

    looks very much like that mate is there any other signs
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    Axe Identification

    i ve got one the same as that will post the name as it is stamped in mine
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    I want one

    looks great but wouldnt pay the price
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    My new knife

    great looking knife pal
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    hi guys sorry not been on much what month will be good for you all
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    Sharpening steel modification

    great work mate looks really good
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    Advice on collapsible stove

    anyone no where you can get this in the uk
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    Entrek knives

    thanks for that mate just email them
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    some really different tents! well kind of !!

    very different mate but some look good
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    Entrek knives

    where can i get the knife shown in the picture