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  • A few fires, but fairly small and contained. Too many floods and continual rains for much fire. But all this lovely green growth may become an issue for next year !
    Quite a few Nat Parks are closed due to flood damage, and a number of high country tracks too. The big wet after 10 years of drought, coupled and a series of big fires (which weaken & kill the trees), has lead to water damaged tracks, washed out bridges and an enormous number of trees down, blocking access. Fortunately the Parks people do seem to be fixing them up, but it takes time.

    We headed off on a few trips recently and found we couldn't get access to some places (track closures), and had to cut our way into others. Some favourite places we hardly recognized, they have changed so completely and other places have been "rennovated" by Parks people, and severely changed in character from "bush" camping to corral camping with little wire fences around each plot! On the plus side, there is plenty of fire wood about !
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