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    Scouting magazine bushcraft article

    If you haven't already seen it there is a interesting article in this months scouting magazine about bushcraft. goodjob just been on the website but this months edition isnt up there yet, worth a read.
  2. Andyre

    Another decorated strop commission

    Pictures as promised. As you can see a really good item. Now off to put it to use
  3. Andyre

    Macro/Close ups of Insects **Pic Heavy**

    My only attempt so far. I have just bought some close up filters so will let you know my results once i have tried them out
  4. Andyre

    Another decorated strop commission

    I had the great pleasure in recieving one of Goeff's Strops at the weekend. mine has a picture of the Uffington white Horse, What can i say? Geoff you are very talented and the workmanship is brilliant. Picture to follow. Thanks Geoff
  5. Andyre

    red kite

    stunning photo, we have loads of these beautiful birds around here, still trying to get some decent shots of them. Last weekend myself and Toadflax saw one take a mouse in the field next to the farm track we were driving up, where was my camera? In the boot of the car, next time maybe!
  6. Andyre

    New Camera, Cold morning.

    I know this is where i walk the dog every morning and have only seen it like this once so far this winter. I am pleased with the set up so far, but as i have said i have only just started out and so will have to speak to SWMBO about new lenses as i progress, could be interesting:pokenest:
  7. Andyre

    New Camera, Cold morning.

    All the pictures were taken in JPEG. The camera is a Canon EOS 500D with a 18-55mm canon EFS lens ( I think, I also have a Sigma 70-210 but dont think any of these were taken with it). No filters were used just happened to be in the right place etc. mind you it was -6 deg at the time and when...
  8. Andyre

    New Camera, Cold morning.

    Cheers Guys As i said just getting used to the camera so was quite pleased with the results of these, The rest of what i took that day are not going to made public:lmao: Haven't tried B&W yet but will give it a go Again thanks for your kind words
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    Hi, happy new year to you. How are things.

    Hi, happy new year to you. How are things.
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    New Camera, Cold morning.

    Cheers Shep. You are right this isnt my first camera but only really stopped taking snapshots after cobweb's sessions at the Moot last year The first shot was just messing about trying to learn how things work. But i agree with what you said, just need to look at things like a photographer...
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    New Camera, Cold morning.

    Here are a few attempts with my new present for Christmas. Please feel free to critique as you wish. This is my first DSLR so still learning.
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    Ninja's at the Bushmoot captured AGAIN!!!

    :lmao: Comic classic Dave. Well worth the wait. Has certainly brightened up my jetlag
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    Ninja's at the moot???

    Comic Genius Dave.:lmao: :lmao: :notworthy
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    Alan !! Alan!! Alan !!

    dam missed it, it better be on i-player
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    Also have a look through the leaders chatter threads in the meetups and social section on this site