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    Are two sleeping bags better than one?

    Nanok make a combination down/synthetic bag, the Airlock -5. As far as I understand it, down on the inside for max insulation, synthetic on the outside for better protection on the down from moisture ... ... and from what I hear it's a good mix.
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    Has anyone eaten insects?

    I've only intentionally eaten woodlice and worms in this country, they don't taste of much unless you find a nice juicy worm in the middle of a garlic patch - lovely. Must've swallowed a good-sized steaks worth of midgies by now though. I have tried most everything except the tarantula from the...
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    What do you dehydrate???

    Don't dehydrate stuff myself, so can't help there - but I did wonder if steaming your dehydrated bacon would work. Don't think I'd cook it first though. Once cooked it's fairly dehydrated anyway so I'd have thought storing in fat would be better.
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    a problem for u to solve

    For utensils, you only really need a big plastic spoon or spork. Of course you could always carry or carve a set of long chopsticks at each camp ;-) I would dump the axe; it's weight you don't need, it increases the chance of you seriously injuring yourself and it's not really suitable for...
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    living outside for a year in a permanent camp what would you take

    Aww isn't that sweet, she'll be glad you're thinking of her ... Ah! Hope she has a sense of humour Rich ;-)
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    Net making with Nylon cord

    A couple of years ago when Mors Kochanski was over he was teaching net-making with what I think was nylon blinds cord, about 2mm thick - it worked well, the texture held the knots well if you cinched them tightly enough.
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    Another bow drill a guy out :)

    Hazel on Lime/Willow/Sycamore or Black Poplar are all good combinations to try. Just make sure you season them first. Let them dry for a week before trying them, at least while you're learning. The notch size is fairly forgiving but there are a couple of things you can do to improve your...
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    best fire lays for winter

    I'd say this is the best advice no matter which fire-lay you use. Once the base has started to burn you'll have a strong bed of coals to cook in and to keep your fire going in the worst of weather.
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    Some friends of mine keep/kept giant african land-snails, the biggest one was about fist-sized *. The problem there wasn't breeding them, it was stopping them from breeding. Funnily enough, my suggestion of feeing them on garlic tops fell on deaf ears. Edit: * LOL, just realised that fists come...
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    possible meet

    ... double post
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    possible meet

    Hi CBJ, not going to make this one. Have got a weekend pass for the Wilderness Gathering which is on that same weekend. Sorry about that but well done for organising, I know what it's like. Have fun and I'll hope to make it to another one sometime.
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    Blanket(s) or sleeping bag ?

    As Shewie says, wool works ok in a hammock. If you have a double-layered hammock, you can fold the blanket and put it between the two layers. A Dutch army blanket should be big enough to stay in place all night. I have used just the wool blanket in a hammock on its own in summer down at the...
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    Repaired my berry picker

    That is a nice haul of berries there, the blackberries and raspberries are out up here - was munching them all weekend - I suffer from the same co-ordination problem as you Paul_B. :D
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    Repaired my berry picker

    That looks the business. Is the whole thing home-made or a commercial product that's been repaired? Of course, now that you've tempted us with your berry picker - you have to post pics of your harvest.
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    Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse

    Was browsing around, came across this and thought to myself - that has to be "the" keyboard & mouse for BCUK members... No idea about the seller, never heard of them before. Apologies if it's been discussed before, a quick search...