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    Advice. Carry On Luggage/rucksack

    Thanks for the link Countryman, I tried to do a search to see if it had been previously covered. Thats exactly the sort of recomendation I was after. Like the look of those bags very much.
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    Why I Decided To Buy My Own Forest For £20,000

    In practice unless you have a nosey neighbour or someone trying to get back at you then you could easily spend more time camping on it than the stipulated 28 days, as who would actually be counting. Its not as if you have to check in and check out every night. And if you did get reported you'd...
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    Advice. Carry On Luggage/rucksack

    Yes your right the BA dimensions I quoted were for your second laptop bag. I didn't read the e mail BA sent correctly.
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    Advice. Carry On Luggage/rucksack

    I'm off to Switzerland on a lads paragliding holiday, Easy jet is the carrier and they charge 36 quid for checking hold luggage but free for carry on. I'm off for a week so my usual weekend rucksack would be too small so have been looking at carry on luggage. I really don't fancy the trolley...
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    bushcraft show

    Me and the family are going again this year, looking forward to it, the kids had a ball last year especially wandering through the woodland camp and seeing others set ups. We were invited in to see and sit at a few of them and they thought that was great. I was boreing however and we were in our...
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    Big Thanks To Woof

    Just like to thank Woof or Rob, for a pocket knife he sent me. Before Christmas I was looking for a left handed non locking penknife for my brother. He offered me one he had modified and posted it up to me, my brother is delighted with it and its perfect for him to open with his disability...
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    Why would you leave your rifle and not come back?

    I belive the story was a 14 year old left it against the tree when he ran off to join the army in WW1. There was a local campaign to give the tree protected status but it was rejected as it was a sycamore and not something special!
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    Why would you leave your rifle and not come back?

    Here's a story about a lost/forgotton rifle which is 100% genunie. Like Zeiss I was more impressed by the scope and how it held up to the elements.
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    What is wrong with me

    I've often wondered how easily delinquent kids with lighters can get a good scrub fire going on waste land but when I try to cut, clear and pile my scrub it takes forever to get a good fire going. And needs constant attention or it burns out in the middle. Next time I need to clear some ground...
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    Making a leather sheath... What else do I need?

    Once its cured yes but it is moveable until its cured. On the occasions I've had to separate a bonded joint I had to cut it apart with a Stanley knife to adjust it. I also use the black “winged” large paper clips, not sure what they are actually called, to hold the joint together to...
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    Polish army poncho tent?

    If its not fit for purpose of cousre it does. I doubt they knew it was as sevearly damaged. E mail them then, I'm sure you'll find them very reasonable. Send them the pic.
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    Polish army poncho tent?

    I would call them, for the price of the set they might just send you a new half without you having to send the entire lot back. I would imagine the hassle and cost of posting it back and posting a new one would be more than 1 poncho would be worth.
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    Making a leather sheath... What else do I need?

    I use Asda own brand contact adhesive. Its 1 pound a tube. I tested it first and the leather parted before the glued joint so I reckon it'll do.
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    wanted. barrel knife

    Hi I'd never heard of a barrel knife so did a quick search, this link might help as well. Its a US patents for a barrel knifes, including the drawings etc,
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    Wanted a Left handed non locking pen knife

    Like these, never seen them before.