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    Hey folks, can't remember if I ever got round to an intro, so thought I best do so before getting stuck into the forum. Started bushcrafting and wildcamping a few years back but due to family reasons had to take a bit of a break from it. Getting back into it however after blowing a few wages...
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    First aid kit

    Really interesting read in this part of the forum. I work in the event event medical sector, so its interested to see the different stances people take with their kits etc.
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    Terra Nova Superlite Solar 2.2 plus footprint

    I know it's been a while, but is this still available by any chance?
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    First aid kit

    Hi all, new guy here :) As a trained first aider, I thought I would just say you have a good, compact, well put together first aid kit! you have it so well organised that should someone else need to use your kit, they would be able to do so with ease. Again good kit! I'll maybe post mine...