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  • Hey Guest, We've had to cancel our 2020 Summer BushMoot PLEASE LOOK HERE for more information.
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    CLA Game Fair Cancellation

    Sorry to spread more summer joy but just learned of this late last night. I know it will only affect a few from here but if we were to discuss anything or if you were expecting to pick up orders I'll be in touch in due course. Commiserations to all traders and visitors who have had their plans...
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    Dremel 300,AEG 12volt driver

    Hi Wulf, I'll take the AEG please. Let me have your PP details.
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    Sheffield EDCs

    Thanks Bob and apologies for initially putting this in the wrong place.
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    Sheffield EDCs

    I've been instructed to sell a collection by the widow of an old customer. I'm showing Sheffield EDCs in the classifieds on BB. More to come in the following weeks.
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    Sheffield EDCs

    I've been instructed to sell a collection by the widow of an old customer. Showing some unused Sheffield EDC model on BB at the moment. Open to offers if they are not too silly. Others to come over the next few weeks.
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    One for MartinK9

    The knives shown are fairly recent ones, certainly within the last 5 years or so. Therefore they will be at RC-59. The third knife is a "Mybush" model which is basically the Woodlore blade with my own (longer) hand shape. This one has a stabilised burl handle. I did number the first knives with...
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    show me yer antler and bone

    I recognise that one Mr. Waldorf. Big innit!
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    Raven PK1 Knife

    I once watched a guy badly cut his finger plucking deer hair from a choil while performing the gralloch. Such a thing is a crutch for makers who can't sharpen knives and imbues nothing to the user.
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    Raven PK1 Knife

    Hi Guys, First post here as I have been mentioned. Didn't get a chance to have a close look at Paul's work even though he was opposite me at the Tortworth show. However, this looks like a well made piece. Don't care much for the shape as there is not enough point for utility and choils, large...