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    First impressions: Wenger EvoWood S557 [Warning: Pic and waffle heavy!]

    you are my first like so I thought that at least deserved some kind of recognition, so thanks for that & like for like, I thought I would return the compliment, I read with interest your excellent review... I some how missed it first time around & thought it worthy of a bump, I am already a fan...
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    you might want to be looking at chemi etching rather than engraving,
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    bits for kydex sheath making I have never worked with Kydex. So forgive me if this a rubbish idea but if depth is a problem you could use 5teep's idea of...
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    bits for kydex sheath making

    I can't answer that Tee Dee as I am unfamiliar with this product, I haven't got a clue, but I am intrigued by it & would like to have a go. eBay seems to have multiple Uk listings for Kydex sheet, I like this one (Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom)...
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    'de-militarising' a smock - ideas sought

    Maybe your thinking of "faux" ruff? Faux being the French word for false.
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    Do you DPM or not and why?

    Most all of my gear is super grade military issue (old un issued or "new stock") olive drab or camo for no other reason than just because its bomb proof it does the job & it's aesthetically pleasing to me & it all looks like it belongs together like part of a set. & I proudly wear my DPM camo...
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    Mystery Item

    It does look familiar, I am not quite sure, I am thinking vintage static caravan, cupboard door bin, there would have been a metal lid that lifted automatically as the cupboard door was opened via a nylon cord which ran round the edge between the two pieces of wood & a counter weight closed the...
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    Is Karrimor still a Good Option

    +1 for Sports Direct & karrimor walking boots I Get mine from the junior section for around just under 30 quid, cos I got wee feet! I got Plantar fasciitis & need descent footwear can't fault them they get wet almost every day & my feet remain dry. & for anybody who doesn't Know (PLAN-tur...
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    Mystery Item

    Hi Mary your first link appears to be carrying some sort of viral threat in the guys of a popup add from sunshine cardigans my antiviral software blocked it, just sayin (no G)
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    Best AA / AAA torch needed without breaking the bank

    cheers nitrabur, of those three I was kind of leaning towards 2 as the being the better option... thanks, I will probably go for that then..
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    Best AA / AAA torch needed without breaking the bank

    A fan of the Maglite I have 2 X - AA mini's, I'm hearing cree & led mentioned when talking small torches... has anybody upgraded the Maglite AA mini to led, using any of these? (1) NITE IZE Kit, @ around 9 quid includes led, reflector + tailswitch (2) Philips 1 Watt LUMILEDS (100 lumen) @...
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    What did you buy today?

    From the bay of evil, A Cree TTS Conversion for 2D Cell Torch to replace the old incandescent bulb on my Linpac British Army Angled Head Torch. (£11.95 inc. P&P) Works a treat blindingly bright, well worth the effort!
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    What did you buy today?

    Maybe try this place mate
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    Question regarding knife carry

    Being an old git & Not wanting to get in to a knife politics or debate about law.... I would just like to state a few personal facts about the olden days when carrying a knife was common place for most young adolescent boys, from the age of about 8 & through my teen years & beyond I was and...
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    Hi this might be what you are after..... a "swally kilt" around 70 quid from Debonair based in Ayr A quality kilt in every sense of the word (a functional kilt version of work trousers) but not as heavy as a traditional 8 yards kilt & "if you're oot fur a...