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    cooking equipment

    recieved my potjie and bake pot last week , really pleased with them and a top service from john muirden, baked a nice loaf of bread with dried onion flakes in the dough, lovely
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    woodland wanderings, links

    also the permaculture magazine has some good books etc
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    woodland wanderings, links

    PW ben laws book is exellent and so are mike abbots and heres some links from the bodgers site cheers al
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    interview with god

    careful chaps,the thought police will come and moderate you all :wink:
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    a big thankyou

    gb, let us know how you get on,i got a grummit pouch last year and already dyed it. got another from him the other day and the willow bark method sounds good,any chance of a "how to"?
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    cooking equipment

    i`m birthday boy soon and people have ordered me a Potjie Three Legged Pot and a Bake Pot from , not lightweight i know but full of character and great for comunal cooking ,which i love ,so it should be good for the little tribe ive got who have...
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    Another mixed up year?

    the shoots for the wild flowers are already through in my local wood
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    mobile phone

    imagine answering your phone the wrong way,or it going off in your trouser pocket :shock:
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    mobile phone

    just to keep you feeling safe at night in the woods :o):
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    a big thankyou

    to grummit for the pouch and matchsafe capsule thing he sent me, submersed it in water for an hour and had nice dry matches at the end :biggthump :You_Rock_ cheers al
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    My Bushcraft Knife!

    thats nice , i like the simple touch, good on you
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    which part did you use,the bark ?did you buff it up ? it should go up easily if you prep it properly or are you talking about the plant down? which is more a flash job ,better charred/scorched first , cheers al
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    Favourite music piece

    john barry did dances with wolves Dances With Wolves: (John Barry) In the late 1980's, John Barry was already beginning to suffer from a lengthy string of illnesses that would largely sideline him as the 1990's progressed. After winning the Academy Award for Out of Africa, he would suffer a...
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    xmas spirit

    fare play to you grumit (again) :biggthump sent me some last year for free, they`re exellent ,dyed it dark brown and put a leather cord through ,holds my flint and steel , char cloth and some cramp ball, people always ask where i got it, what a gesture :You_Rock_ man, top shout