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    Legalities fo Fishing rods, handlines etc

    Which comes back to there is no definition on the minimum, (or maximum even) rod length. It's perfectly fine and seen as a competitive sport to fish a canal or pond with a 17m long, carbon fibre pole and fishing line, but not ok to fish with a 6 inch 'rod' in the same way. impeccable logic.......
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    Any meets in Anglesey

    good old Holyhead lol
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    MCQBushcraft - Introduction to Bushcraft series

    Which is what I've been saying all along lol I enjoyed your vid Mike, it was nice to see someone else firstly (most importantly) checking the legality, and secondly enjoying the technique
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    Legalities fo Fishing rods, handlines etc

    are you even reading the links I have posted, the data directly from the EA about how many people they have caught and doing what... and that there WAS NO MENTION OF HANDLINES ANYWHERE in that data, at all..... Also, please define an 'unlicensed instrument' as if going by common sense if you...
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    Legalities fo Fishing rods, handlines etc

    well, that's kind of easy really. C&P'd straight from Google for your convenience ..... rod rɒd/Submit noun noun: rod; plural noun: rods 1. a thin straight bar, especially of wood or metal. "concrete walls reinforced with steel rods" synonyms: bar, stick, pole, baton, staff; More a...
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    bushcraft show

    I'll be looking out for patches from several outdoorsy type groups on the day so don't be surprised if you have some wild looking fellow coming up to say hello if I spot what I'm looking for lol
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    Legalities fo Fishing rods, handlines etc

    just think about that for moment there... Spot on Joonsy, you can follow that to the letter- ANY fishing tackle is an 'unlicensed instrument' if you don't have a don't have a licence- rods n all. It's clear that you need an appropriate EA Licence to fish, but it doesn't specify what is a...
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    bushcraft show

    I went last year on the Saturday and it got a bit bogged down, pretty quickly- at one point they were turning folks away, and Lofty Wiseman got his jag stuck and needed to be pushed out of the even ground. they had to get tractors in to move other stuff. A lot of the advertised activities...
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    Does anyone have instagram?

    mr3bears just followed everyone on this thread :D
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    Legalities fo Fishing rods, handlines etc

    Guys I stared a thread up for this years ago, nobody has been able to give me a straight answer. As long he has an EA licence for the fish he's catching I can't see there being a problem. I've been able to see no mention other than 'be...
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    Any meets in Anglesey

    There are a couple of guys I know locally that get out a fair bit I found through Facebook, both from Holyhead. I don't think either of them are on here though. I get out occasionally these days but not very often, if I do it's just armchair stuff ; a short walk, making a brew, whittling a...
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    I came out 2nd best at at work place accident a few years back, I'm very much out of the game now. I get out occasionally with the hammock, but if it's twice a year I'm lucky
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    what's your prefered pocket knife? + pics!

    nice thumbstud mod! I have to admit, I love mine too despite the iffy blade centering....
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    Does anyone have a Condor Mini Bushlore knife?

    I have one the first thing it screams is that it's a solid little knife. It comes over as a little rough n ready finish wise when you first take it out, but don't let that put you off- it's a real beater. It's not a knife that's too nice to use, and you certainly don't mind using it hard. Out...
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    Klarus torches

    I've been carrying an NT10 for about 3 years now, and I've hammered it- the damn thing just won't die !! It's been caving down mineshafts around N Wales, UrbEx, snorkelling, fishing, daily use, camping, heck I've even used it lamping with the head strap...