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Sold Trent knife and tool ‘Allen’ scandivex

Discussion in 'Makers Market' started by ejtrent, May 23, 2018.

  1. ejtrent

    ejtrent Maker Plus

    Jun 19, 2013
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    howdy all,

    Have this shop fresh Allen knife for sale, blurb from my website:

    This knife is a simple design made with time proven O1 tool steel in 3mm thickness.

    This particular knife is made from solid wenge with orange g10 liners. The grind is a scandivex - essentially a low convex which makes a really high performance grind - just look up how well the bark river convexes are rated.

    The knife is supplied with a Kydex sheath, which was chosen due to it's practicality - this is a user knife and the thought of carbon steel sitting in a saturated wet leather sheath doesnt sit so well with me.

    It's guaranteed for life by me and you can send it in for sharpening whenever you like.

    Price is £130 posted

    Rough dimensions:

    100mm blade, 110mm handle, 25mm tall, max thickness of handle 20mm.

    DSC01727_2.JPG IMG_20180523_144511_479.jpg IMG_20180523_144511_475.jpg
  2. DocG

    DocG Full Member

    Dec 20, 2013
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    Just been in contact with Elliot - very helpful conversation.

    If you visit his website, you'll find that he has expanded his line.

    It is also possible to request an Allen with a G10 handle now.

    I'm not associated with the product, just passing on info to the community.

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