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Harvey Maps

Discussion in 'Kit Chatter' started by alick, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. alick

    alick Settler

    Aug 29, 2003
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    Northwich, Cheshire
    The recent thread on maps and compasses prompts me to recommend Harvey maps to anyone who hasn't come across them before.

    Harvey maps are aimed at walkers and outdoor enthusiasts and based on their own original cartography, not OS mapping.

    They publish excellent maps of UK national parks and popular walking areas using latex impregnated paper. This is very water resistant but still feels like paper. It folds better and is much less bulky and than plastic laminated maps.

    After buying at the outdoors show in April, I've now used their lake district map in foul weather and found it accurate and durable. It is a 1:40,000 scale map covering the whole of the lake district in a wire bound book. It is more detailed than the OS 1:50K landranger series, but does not have the the bulk of the 1:25K maps which are also available for the lakes as a special four sheet set. The book format is very much easier to use in wind and rain on the hill.

    Their map of Skye is unique because it has a 1:25K enlargement of the entire cuillin ridge on the reverse. The Cuillins are notoriously complicated - especially in bad weather - and having ventured onto different parts of the ridge, I reckon that this is an excellent feature to have on the map.

    Interestingly, Harvey also publish maps for trekking in African national parks, Canada and a comprehensive coverage of Greenland.

    See www.harveymaps.co.uk for latest coverage.

  2. JFW

    JFW Nomad

    Mar 11, 2004
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    Yes I agree with Alick - I have used Harvey walkers maps for personal navigation and have also commissioned maps from them through my work.

    Are a good company to deal with and are local to me. I would reccommend them from my own experiences with them.



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