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Finland May 2018 Day 3

Discussion in 'Forest Knights' started by Wayne, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Wayne

    Wayne BCUK Welfare Officer

    Dec 7, 2003
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    West Sussex
    Another warm night saw the group reluctantly leave the island for a couple of longer open water crossing to our next campsite. On route we visited various islands and stopped for lunch and a spot of wildlife watching. 5C491F47-3500-4A5B-B75C-EBCD7E32A5EB.jpeg

    Launching in the morning.


    My bow paddler wondering if I’m ever going to start paddling again.


    My trusty Tent. Probably seen over a 500 nights of use maybe much more. Still going but will need to be retired soon. Lots of small holes after many years of being put up and taken down in woodlands. I shall be sorry to say good bye.


    Minion preparing another rather fine meal. Due to the conditions w3 needed to ensure we cooked at sites with proper facilities.


    Watching the sunset with a pair of Hooper Swans.

    Although it didn’t get proper dark.


    View from the tent.

    There is a site of Neolithic man nearby but it’s hard to spot any evidence.
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