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Finland May 2018 Day 1

Discussion in 'Forest Knights' started by Wayne, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Dec 7, 2003
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    Where has the year gone? It’s now June already.

    Each May Half term and again in September Forest Knights goes north to Finland for a weeks adventure amongst the forest and lakes.

    We have been visiting this region now for 10 years so have a really good knowledge of the area.

    Finland is one of my all time favourite destinations.

    Our first night we stay in a traditional lake side cabin

    Arrival at the lake.


    Our canoes and kayaks await.


    The harbour. The first time 8n 10 years the cafe on the left was open. We weren’t the only ones to notice.


    Loading the kit for a weeks wild camping.


    Now that’s arriving in style for a coffee.


    A quick stop for a snack and stretch the legs to make sure everyone is happy.


    John contemplating a spot of fishing.


    Onwards to our first nights camping location. Perfect conditions for open canoeing on big open water.
    Glad I remembered to pack plenty of sun screen.

    This year has been an exceptional year in Finland so there is currently a ban on open fires. Fortunately our knowledge of the area meant we still knew the best locations to stay to cook and see the best of the wildlife.


    Full moon over Saimaa. End of day 1.


    Taken at 01:30am.

    Those that have done forest knights courses will know that we pride ourselves on providing great food and being totally client centred. We involve everyone in all parts of the expedition route planning and menu planning for the day.

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