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CraftMoot 2018

Discussion in 'Courses' started by Tony, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Tony

    Tony White bear (Admin)

    Apr 16, 2003
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    2018 heralds the arrival of the first ever CraftMoot.

    We've been planning on creating a Craft Moot for a while now and it's good to say that we're finally here. This is a paid course based event rather than a general gathering like the Summer Moot and the Winter moot will be.

    It will be located on the same 100 acre private campsite in Merthr Mawr, Wales and anyone attending will be able to spend some quality time with us and learn the basics of 5 different craft activities.

    You will spend a day on each of the following crafts:
    • Stool/simple chair making
    • Trug making
    • Leatherwork
    • Ceramics and pottery
    • Wood carving - spoons & wood spirits
    At the end of the week you will leave with the fruits of your labours having been taught by experts.

    The event is fully catered so we will be providing all meals and refreshments during the event. We will not be providing camping equipment unless under special arrangement, if you do need us to provide camping equipment for hire please get in touch via the contact page on the BushMoot website.

    When: Monday 8th October from 2pm to Sunday 14th October 11:30am.

    Cost: £750

    To book please go here - CraftMoot Booking and Information

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