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coming soon!! Shaving soap with BCUK logo natural/ bio degradeable

Discussion in 'Makers Market' started by greatbear, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Stringmaker

    Stringmaker Native

    Sep 6, 2010
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    Me too.

    I use shaving soap currently but would gladly buy this if you go into production.
  2. greatbear

    greatbear Full Member

    Apr 8, 2013
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    Hiya we or rather my other half is making soaps and other skin related products now as she intends this to be our family business in the not too distant future.
    its cost an arm and a leg literally to set up even on a small scale but to become a sole income it has to expand a great deal.
    the full size shave soaps are in production but we have yet to work out a deal for the wooden keepsake shave bowls so that we can keep costs to a bare flat bottom. the only thing holding us back is as usual the royal fail postal service. we can get bulk deals on a courier service but it involves paying even when we don't have anything to post.
    with the exception of a couple craft fairs and word of mouth you guys on here have boosted our determination to get this business up and running. we hope to be in full swing just before Christmas. and if im honest that will be our make or break I think.
    you see cos the stuff my mrs makes is done to her standards. setting on an assistant at this point would not be cost effective. plus she wouldn't rely on anyone else to get the mixes right. im not even allowed to stir the stuff myself. once we set a price inclusive of postage which is acceptable to you guys we can add the shave soap and shampoo bars on here these two products will be exclusive to members on here only. there will of course be variants in the public domain but not exactly the same.
    so watch this space guys.
    I do know that the solid shampoo bars will be about as big as a snickers bar and they look amazing. I cant put
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