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    Whats best matirial for slingshot/catapult pouches

    Thick leather mate, something like buckskin that is too thin can tear but if its too thick it can be stiff. I use strips off of an old belt
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    Tan your own hide?!?

    All deer hides apart from reindeer should have the hair scraped off, over time they turn brittle and are horrible to sleep on when this happens. Many things can be used to tan hides: Brain, egg yolks, liver (blended), marrow, oil+liquid soap (ratio 60/40 or 70/30) Scraping the hide must be...
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    Man made home

    Watching the first episode, it is really good! Given me a new idea for a dream :camping:
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    What would Oetzi do?

    maybe a horse? would allow him to carry much more, travel much longer (but still navigate the terrain he would on foot) and have a companion. This is all assuming he didn't eat it first ;)
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    Escaping with Paracord

    I would double it over something solid, and do a harnessless rapell down ;)
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    101 SPOOF top tips

    It doesn't matter how bad your diarrhea is, as long as you constantly drink gallons of water you will stay hydrated
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    Thieves beware!

    keep an eye out on Ebay and Gumtree mate, i think that you can set a notification feature that sends you an email when a related item gets put up for sale. I know a couple of friends who have had things stolen and they have popped up on Gumtree a couple of weeks later :)
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    Crafty Secret Santa 2012

    I opened a lovely stove in a very nice leather drawstring bag, it burns a treat and is a perfect fit for my zebra billy, Thanks to whoever sent it!
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    What have you made?

    they look and sound fantastic guys! I have never got photobucket sorted WULF, suppose i will have to in order to photograph my secret santa! I dont know about you guys but i find that there is a big boost in my skills around christmas because of the large amount of experimenting and making lost...
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    What have you made?

    So, what bushcrafty presents have you made for people? I have made some glass and flint pendants for my mother and granny, i have also made a couple of buckskin pouches for both my grannies, i small knife for my older brother and a beech spatula for my Dad. Thats me, What about you?:p
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    Crafty Secret Santa 2012

    Got mine today, the suspense is killing me, but i will uphold the rules and wait untill the big day!
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    Crafty Secret Santa 2012

    Made, plan to post it in the near future
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    Which Small Keychain Torch?

    Hey Checkout brilliant site for the UK stuff from 4 Sevens, Fenix, Klarus, Nitecore, Olight, Surefire, Zebralight, Eagletac should serve you well Also, ITP Light make a good cheap keychain light ;) Harry:)