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    Victorinox's new folding paring knives.

    Very useful knives, sold out online though so might have to visit the Victorinox store, which can be very expensive
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    Ventile Jacket

    reading above Tengu asked for second dibs so might be worth dropping her a PM? A very generous offer once more on Bcuk
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    I can almost sense your relief, glad you found it. I hate losing things, plays on my mind all day
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    Hilltrek masks

    I got the train for the first time since the face mask rule came in yesterday. On my carriage of 8 people 2 wore masks correctly, 1 had no mask at all and the rest wore them down as beard guards.
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    Farm on the hill overnight camp

    That steak looks amazing, looks like a great night out
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    How to plan a sea fishing trip?

    I’ve always fancied giving it a go so would be very interested
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    MOD Modifications

    A Modded example by RatBoy on here, Stripped, guard removed and Oak scales. Much more comfortable than the originals
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    Army Surplus stink!

    Could the smell be mothballs? That smell instantly takes me back to being 13 and my first evening at cadets. might be worth visiting the dry cleaners for advice
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    R.M.C New Uniform

    The SAS and SBS certainly did in the early Iraq/Afghanistan years. RMP close protection had them too as do/did the MOD police guarding nuclear sites. Think they are highly regarded as a rifle
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    R.M.C New Uniform

    The term AR has come to be associated with civilian versions but one of the originals, the AR18 is full auto. RM are getting the C8 which is a Canadian made M4
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    R.M.C New Uniform

    The C8 is the new RM primary arm, think it’s gone from unofficial to official
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    I love mine. Really useful for cutting and detail sanding. always use genuine dremel accessories though, had a few cheap ones shear/disintegrate in use
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    Does a knife cut hurt less with a sharp knife?

    Now that’s cool. Who will be first to get a bushcraft laser?
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    Does a knife cut hurt less with a sharp knife?

    As above a sharper knife requires less pressure so less crush/bruising. in eye surgery ceramic blades are used to avoid any blunt trauma caused by a dull scalpel
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    Delete this for the love of god. Lesson learnt, don't ask.

    /edit, sorry forgot to respond to your other question; I wish they could be met locally but It's against the law and the Police in Essex are a cancer of their own. I think you’ll find they are too busy dealing with the current pandemic to worry about you.