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    The £200 Millionare, -a short story

    Ha! 'Shrimpy' by Shane Acton, ex Royal Marine... That book and 'Shrimpy sails again' is in the book rack aboard my boat, Mousey...:biggrin: I met one or two similar voyagers in my travels. This 23 foot marine ply sloop was anchored in Freeman Bay, Antigua, West Indies when I sailed in and...
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    The £200 Millionare, -a short story

    " wicca, no need to stop. For me Bushcraft is about being outdoors and you can't get much more outdoors that your adventures, we'd love to hear/see more" Ok then, on a wet Bank Holiday, some photographs and thoughts from sunnier times and places... My main form of transport during my wandering...
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    The £200 Millionare, -a short story

    I've wintered twice on the Fal and never been to the Pandora...Not being a drinker, the cafe in the Pannier Market at Truro or the Pier Cafe at Falmouth was more in my league...:biggrin:
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    The £200 Millionare, -a short story

    Some photographs of the life of a single handed voyager, between 1999 and 2013. ".I can't see the boat life being that affordable now, everything would be way more costly and a lot more regulated...." Affordable with care, planning and the ability to do one's own major maintenance, to avoid...
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    Good stuff of the day

    Ah! So that's what's causing the morning sickness is it? ....:roflmao:
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    Good stuff of the day

    In the Autumn when the days shorten, the nights get colder and the leaves die, there will be new life. I'll be a Great Grand Father..........:D
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    Anglo Saxon Spears and arrows

    Check this site Tengu. The kit is generally well made and arrow/spear heads not too exhorbitant.
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    The 'I've found a bargain' thread

    A well meaning person bought one for me. Held up to the light it is obvious that in places there is no/sparse 'Down' filling. I've yet to use it, but I believe it will end up a 'liner' to boost a proper 3 season bag, as it's lighter and thinner than some synthetic liners that I use in 3 season...
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    Anyone been to Iran?

    Went there many times, to load crude oil...Ask your son if he will speak to that bloke in uniform at the oil terminal gate if I can have my Zippo back please, he confiscated it in 1963, even though it was empty and stowed at the bottom of a bag...the jobsworth!!! :laugh: :laugh: facebook...
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    25mm Climbing Tape.

    I've used this for life lines strung along the deck of my boat...Can't remember what the breaking strain is but I'm sure it will support even the most enthusiastic pie eater in a hammock..
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    Fire Lighting Ideas - simple easy fun

    Teach them to make fire straws. Plastic drinking straws from MacD's or the £1 shop, a length of coat hanger wire and some Vaseline and cotton wool. Poke the vaseline/cottonwool mix into the straw until it's full. If they are only nippers it's not necessary for them to risk burning their fingers...
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    What do you wish you learnt from a relative?

    I would like to have learned more of my Mother's knowledge of natural remedies and treatments for many ailments. She died when I had just turned 9 years of age. She had many skills connected with nature, we were still travelling then and she would make flowers from Elder wood and dye them yellow...
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    What's the Snow like in your neck of the wood's?

    Snow? South of the South Downs I must have blinked and missed it. All gone, although of course there is still a surplus of Snowflakes in this region, but that is an ever present phenomenon anyway..... Raining today :D :biggrin:
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    Good stuff of the day

    I've no idea what happened here, I read Tony's post, tried to move the page up and suddenly discovered I'd made a post/reply. Apologies.....I plead insanity or computer dunceability ( new Wicca word not in the dictionary...yet) :biggrin:
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    Condensed milk and cream

    " There's something like 1000 calories in a can that is fairly compact, so it seems like it would work quite well! " For many years, certainly during the 1950's, 60's and 70's emergency rations in a ship's lifeboats included "16 ounces of sweetened condensed milk " for each person for which...