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Feb 14, 2016 at 11:00 PM
Feb 12, 2014
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Forager, from Auchterarder, Perthshire

WeeWildyCamper was last seen:
Feb 14, 2016
    1. ol smokey
      ol smokey
      Hi there, Got you down on my Friends list, I have listed several other members, but am not sure of the benefits unless it is a quick access instead of going through the membership list,so that you can make quicker contact? Hope that you are on an 'up' at the moment. The good weather did not last long. It is a bit depressing.
      Do keep in touch. Cheers Stuart.
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    Auchterarder, Perthshire
    Outdoor Activity:
    Getting back to nature, learning, photography, (used to be) ice climbing
    5'4" of (mostly) sarcasm, looking forward to relearning important bushcraft skills...love a laugh, faffing with photography, disabled and have a gorgeous dug :)

    Learning new skills, faffing, procrastinating