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    Neanderthal diet

    Theres a real growing movement advocating the paleo (Paleolithic) diet Some studies have thrown up some very interesting results. Have a dig about here for more info:
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    Any decent recipies for nettle beer?

    Thanks for the info - link, I'll give it another crack next tiem I find some nice fresh nettles 9all a bit scraggy at the moment) still, the nettle soup was very nice and the cider is going down a treat!
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    Need to justify that new knife purchase to the other half...........?

    ............then just show her what happened to the last one!
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    This should be a Great evening.

    Should be good? Not if I print off that ticket and get in before you :cool: Seriously - do let us know what it's like.
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    Any decent recipies for nettle beer?

    Tried my hand at some nettle beer last week. Used nettles, ground ivy, honey and yeast. One week on and it seems I've mastered the art of distilling essence of tramp corpse in a cess pit. Has anyone got any decent recipies - I prefer to use honey rather than sugar if possible. On a more...
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    ray vs bear

    :lmao: Just logged on for the first time in about 5 months - and the first thread I see is a Bear V's Ray one! Somethings never change!
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    Thought provoking photo gallery

    Hoping this acts as a reminder to those who have all their pics on the PC / laptop to back it up! So sad to hear when people lose years and years of memories and images due to the lack of a 5 minute admin exercise.
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    What's your anti-tick regime in camp?

    Dyslexic moment - saw the thread title and thought it was a discussion on your anti-tank regime! Thought 'blimey, that is extreme camping!'
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    Hawk the Slayer

    Ah, now it's all coming back - two more classics: The Beastmaster: Krull:
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    Hawk the Slayer

    There is only one film of this genre to watch - 'The Sword and the Sorcerer' 1982 classic - utterly legendary film - no arguments! Any doubts - just watch the opening 5 mins:
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    Scorpio - clear yer inbox out mate!

    Still full - get sweepin'!
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    Scorpio - clear yer inbox out mate!

    PM's are going boing - nowhere for them to land!
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    less than an hour until i'm emasculated

    Thing I most remember is every time I complained to the missus about the pain she reminded me it wasn't as bad a childbirth. Bloomin' moo always has to go one better! I won't tell if you don't!
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    Heres a poser for you...

    Ever-lasting water bottle Backpack with anti-gravity device Tent with built in heating Mini-teleportation device that will 'beam' the wee out so you don't have to get out of your snuggly sleeping bag Contact lens that converts a stare into a lazer beam to light your fires.
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    Here you go: