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    Which is cooler, long or short sleeved shirts?

    Long sleeve for me and generally an Arktis Hot Climate shirt from fleabay.
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    Anyone able to make a SAS smock up from a bolt of cloth?

    Or consider an Arktis smock?
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    For Sale Danish Army Goretex Camo Trousers Dancam LARGE

    Ideal for this coming summer I expect :)
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    Surf & Turf

    This is very impressive
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    What have you done for the Environment Today?

    Before lockdown I walked to work. So every day I would always pick up a bit of rubbish. Since lockdown I have been even more fanatical about recycling. I am not sure if this is normal :)
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    One Man's Meat.

    I do not do shellfish or snails. Willing to try everything else.
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    Are the Lakes open from Wednesday or not?

    I totally agree stay local. Every one is going to go out and there will be no facilities to cater for them. I am sticking to my local woods where there are a few people but plenty of space to pass.
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    I will help with the bump by saying Arktis kit is very good and I have a 2 smocks both from ebay. I am very pleased.
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    The Perfect Raised Bed

    Thank you for sharing as always
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    Lockdown garden camping.

    I had the dutch oven out last weekend. Cooked jambalaya sat night then fried breakfast sun am. Well worth doing.
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    Good paperwork management

    I keep old brochures and several times proved very useful
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    For Sale Danish Army Goretex Camo Trousers Dancam LARGE

    A pair of Dancam Army issue Goretex trousers. Size Large about 36 Waist VGC £45 incl Hermes Postage
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    Tactical Equipment

    Getting back on topic - lots of us wear clothes or have items from 5.11 Tactical who make items not just for forces or police.
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    Candle making

    Very impressive and thank you for sharing