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toilet digger
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Sep 19, 2018 at 7:32 PM
Jan 26, 2011
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burradon northumberland
cider and zantac tester

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toilet digger

Native, from burradon northumberland

toilet digger was last seen:
Sep 19, 2018
    1. Chiseller
      Will do
    2. d-day66
      Jaimie mate! Have you got any plans next weekend?
    3. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey
      its cool....

      i was kinda glad in a way,...dont get me wrong your company would have been ace,....

      but the guys i took up,..hahaha

      sometimes two groups of mates should never meet,....
    4. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey
      where were you , you gayer!

      we had whisky and stories,..
    5. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey
      duuuude,..check out my avatar,...hahahaha
    6. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey
      yep i was ripped to bits brother,....

      since i came of the gear tho i,ve gained about 4 foot in height ,...hahahah
    7. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey
      your headed for a ban sunshine!!!!

      i.,m telling ,....i,m gonna tell Mary,.....

    8. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey
      5 legs???,....................
    9. Retired Member southey
    10. Retired Member southey
    11. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey

      whered you get that poncho u slept under this weekend?...

      tell me,....

      tell me now,.....

      send me the link
    12. andyc54
      hello matey cant see it been a problem after all the fun yous had last time,dont want to miss out again :)
    13. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey
      dont do facewank mate,....

      it got me in too much trouble ,,,if you know what i mean,...

      ok you could say "well you didnt HAVE to rattle half your friends list" but out of sight out of mind is better for me....

      plus if i saw Chris in his poses i,d want to touch him,...and i only just got the last injunction removed
    14. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey
      hahaha not anymore dude!..those pics are 4 or 5 years old,..

      that period in my life was a mess of hormones, strange women, and loads of chicken and rice .......

      i,m just a fat old Dad now....
    15. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey
      I,m the boss now mate, (i got that promotion we chatted about)

      i can do owt i want,....

      i,m so so powerful,...i have laserbeam eyes and everything,...
    16. andyc54
      hi jamie hows things going just to let you know i got gold at the bench press competition, means i'm champion of the northeast and yorkshire at 105kg :o
    17. andyc54
      yeah will do
    18. andyc54
      yeah only thing is the competition are benching over 190kg so i aint that good but im hoping to qualify for the british comps next year
    19. andyc54
      bench press comp,powerlifting is another of my hobbys :) failed at 160kg which is supposed to be my first lift but could nt get it up :rolleyes:
    20. andyc54
      i've just got back from the gym and it was **** and i have a comp next saturday so not happy. i'm going to make a leather pouch for my flint and steel kit to go in,i think it''ll be better than the tin i have it in now for carrying in my pocket plus i have 3 bin bags full of leather to use :D
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    burradon northumberland
    cider and zantac tester
    old'ish' hairy and happy to poo in a hole.

    rugby, camping and hillwalking


    energy transfer rates through the trophic levels gives me wood.