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    New to bushcraft Where to practice?

    Hi, Braders, Try Looking up Greater Manchester Bushcraft Group on Facebook. We hold monthly meets in the area, and full details are on the FB page. just click "join" and one of us will approve you, and then you will be able to see all the events. Alan.
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    Drew's Birthday Bash, Middlewood Scout Camp, Worsley

    11th to 13th December 2015. Our tradition of celebrating all things Drew is upon us once more, this is a time where we freeze our nuts off whilst sharing a dram or 2 and recounting stories of our absent friend Drew Dunn Respect, New people are also welcome to come and join in, he's a friend...
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    Greater Manchester Bushcraft Group November Meet

    20th to 22nd November 2015, at Giants Seat Scout and Community Campsite. ABOUT GIANTS SEAT CAMPSITE Giants Seat is a functioning Scout camp located near Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. The site is 58 acres of mainly woodland, with a large field in the middle. There is a toilet block with...
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    Vertical Smoke 2015 - Middlewood Scout Camp

    Friday, 30th October 2015 to Sunday, 1st November 2015 The annual Hallowe'en bash at Middlewood Scout Camp in Worsley, brought to you by the greater Manchester Bushcraft Group. Everybody welcome, Campsite fee £5:00 per person per night. There will be a "Bring and Share" on Saturday evening...
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    getting some training

    If you can get across to Manchester, you could come along to the Greater Manchester Bushcraft Group meets. You'll be able to learn everything you need, and it won't cost any more than your travel and camp fees. We've already got members from South Yorkshire who come to our meets, so you won't be...
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    6point blanket carry issue

    I have to ask, why did you buy a six point HBC blanket? The usual size for a bedroll is 3 1/2 point, or for use alone, 4 point. As far as carrying your blanket is concerned, fold the blanket in three lengthwise, which will be about 30" wide, then roll it tightly with a length of 6mm rope with a...
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    6point blanket carry issue

    Reply deleted, double post
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    Your favourite explorer

    David Thompson in Canada and John McDouall Stuart in Australia. both surveyors, but being a navigator, I'm biased in favour of map makers. Cranmere, I recognised Christina Dodwell, as her book "An Explorers Handbook" is on my bookshelf.
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    Alternative for campsite mattress

    Having been out and about in all sorts of places and conditions around the UK for over 40 years, I thought I'd found the answer to the problems of sleeping comfortably when the thermarest was invented. Last year, I discovered I was wrong. Putting together a traditional bed roll as an experiment...
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    Kids Bushcraft Weekend - Manchester

    Greater Manchester Bushcraft Group are a group based in Manchester. We have a Facebook group page /, and have monthly camps throughout the year. You've just missed this months weekend, I'm afraid, but the August camp is our annual week-long camp. Join...
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    Winter bedroll setup

    Hi, Mohawk, I've just completed a traditional bedroll after much research into the pioneers of Western Canada. It consists of a canvas outer, two Hudson's bay 3 1/2 point blankets and a liner of Canton Flannel. According to contemporary accounts, it's good down to about 12F (-10C). It's heavy...
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    Cookware options?

    If I'm out on my own, I only have one pot, a stainless steel Mucket from Civil War Sutler. It holds a litre, has a hinged lid and both side and bail handles, and is solidly built. Heavier than titanium. but I dont carry much kit anyway. No conection with the seller, just a very happy customer...
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    Archaeology Technology

    Studies carried out during the Vietnam War by the U.S.Army showed that dowsing was a very effective technique for locating Vietcong tunnel systems, so much so that a school of dowsing was established, to train military search teams in the art/skill of dowsing. The method favoured by the U.S.Army...
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    Foot dressing advice for a scald

    The best thing I can think of is to cover the injury with Tegaderm or a similar film dressing, and wrap the area in soft wool as padding, if you absolutely insist on going. Personally, I'd stay at home until it healed. Alan
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    Complaint re: Being logged out

    Hi to the Mods, but I've got a complaint. I've just finished typing a long post, only to find that when I tried to post it, a message appeared telling me that I was unable to post replies as I was not logged in. When I tried to log back in, I had to click the "Log Out" button, and lost most of...