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    Great locations Scotland

    Well legend does have it there is a hound monster on the island of clunie, just pay attention for the red eyes at night and keep the fire up...
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    Bushcraft six year old style

    thats great the pack fits perfectly
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    Great locations Scotland,-3.440148&spn=0.001569,0.003943&sll=55.103516,-2.263184&sspn=6.627469,16.149902&t=h&hnear=Clunie,+Perth+and+Kinross,+United+Kingdom&z=18&layer=c&cbll=56.578129,-3.440252&panoid=QS9R9bOSkQfNRKjFucUZEA&cbp=12,351.98,,0,29.34&source=gplus-ogsb
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    Great locations Scotland

    If you drive up there is a large layby where there is a bin and a sign saying no camping or something... it a bit beachy looking. there are a few other parking spots nearby, its quite popular with pike fisherman and no permit required, and you do find that people camp there hence a shortage of...
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    Great locations Scotland

    balmerino. You need to yomp in a fairbit to ensure yourfar enough away from the weekend youths who can ruin it. . You can coast camp along from kingsbarns. Clunie loch north dundee with pike fishing. Woodlands not far from monikie. get an os map look for woodland. Go check it out make sure its...
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    Impromptu Overnighter on the Coast (Coldingham) PIC HEAVY

    I just realized what you meant!! when i had a closer look :) predator camo indeed :D
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    Impromptu Overnighter on the Coast (Coldingham) PIC HEAVY

    nice write up tom, good to get oot and see you and Andy its been to long, im sure Mrs Bysea will not be to upset by the 24hr delay when he "popped" out for milk "with a bergen"
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    Bush farm meet : june 2013,the pictures.

    looks like a great location
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    DIY Tarp

    Really Awesome, having had a brief attempt on a sewing machine myself I know how hard it can be to get a straight unbunched up line. You should have got on to the Great Brittish Sewing Bee, would have been a far more intresting program had they being making outdoor gear rather than posh togs :)
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    Beech leaf liqueur

    Thanks Harvestman
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    Beech leaf liqueur

    Looks like ive inadvertently made a 3 year one, i did say up above the longer the better, im just glad i remmbered what it was when it came out the cupboard! do you think its still safe to drink after all that time ?
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    Beach camp/wildlife watching.

    I thought Liam had been there!?
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    Andys return

    i thought you where deed liam? although andy said he got a reply from you! :P gaz had his mp3 player and we where torturing andy to clanadonia bag pipes and drums :)
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    Andys return

    Hey all, Myself, gsfgaz and his son sean made a return trip to coldingham to visit andybysea for a wee chilled out trip down the cliff of doom been a while since ive been on the forum much or out and good to see andy back on his feet after his spell in hospital, and he certinly did not seem...
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    Alternative moot! on Loch Nevis(PIC HEAVY)

    What a great write up, not been on the forum mutch latley but glad i found this cheered up my boring day at work a lot!