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    Sold Rucksacks and a few items of clothing...

    Kretian - I believe that Tiley sold it last week...
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    Heads Up - Jetboil Stove Clone £20

    I stumbled across this deal today - £20 plus postage for a Jetboil-type stove.
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    Sold Rucksacks and a few items of clothing...

    I'm staggered that the Qui-Ya hasn't sold - the recon belt that it comes with are £100 new on their own. Proper bargain for someone there...
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    Sold Rucksacks and a few items of clothing...

    PM sent re Umlindi and Windcheater
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    It's elderflower season!

    Nice to see you back BR - I'm one of your YT subscribers. Nice vids!
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    English Country Life YouTube channel

    Oh, lovely news. Thanks for the link...
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    Withdrawn Camelbak Trizip

    Quite tempted by this - I'll mull it over this afternoon...
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    So I left a 3D printed matchbox under water for 3 months...

    Hammock Man and Stew - I’ve just stumbled across this thread. I have a 3D Printer at home which I really love using - it’s a budget machine but I’ve upgraded it fairly comprehensively and the quality is good. I regularly take orders from friends and family in exchange for contributions to my...
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    Heads up - trousers bargain

    Good heads up Broch - my current work trousers are covered in caulk and silicone from our renovation, and these are a better colour for trips out into the woods! Did you find the sizes accurate?
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    What did you buy today?

    Could you let us know your thoughts? I have a good deal of HPG and am eying up the Windcheater to replace my Chinese clone version. Did you buy it direct or from a UK supplier?
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    Bivvy recommendation

    Either a military surplus bag or an Alpkit Hunka - I have both!
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    Modification to a Zeltbahn shelter half

    Looks like a really nice setup - I'd not heard of the system before, and it might be great for local nights away. Would it be possible for a quick sketch / schematic of the modifications you've done? Perhaps a plan view with the shelter laid out flat?
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    Video Editor

    iMovie here, but you have to be on Mac...
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    Our Log Home

    Looks like a lovely spot Brusher. I like the design of the raised beds - the wriggly tin looks really good! Where in the New Forest are you? I’m a frequent visitor as my parents have a weekend house in Lymington....