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    Truly dumbfounded. I never met Drew face to face, but always found him to be full of enthusiasm and positivity. He will be sorely missed; an irreplaceable part of our community. Swing free mate....
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    6 yo charlie starts his first fire.............

    That's the style! I can't remember my first fire, but I'll bet it wasn't as skilled I'm the making as that one.
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    Old school/traditional kit camp (pic heavy)

    Looks like a good time was had. Glad someone was out and about enjoying the greenery.
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    Anyone off to Crickhowell today?

    It's okay, I stay near Leominster every other weekend or so in the Summer, so its only 45 mins away. I did have a nose round but couldn't find anything appealing if I'm honest. Loads of bits and bobs; hatchets, bills', saws and chisels. Worth a look though.
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    Anyone off to Crickhowell today?

    When I went to take a look back in the summer, the fella in the shop openly told me that the tools made in Africa were quite soft.... Not useless but a bit on the soft side. Apparently they've upped their game since and have the heat treatment right, so I may take another look. I'm a sucker...
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    Anyone off to Crickhowell today?

    I missed it last year, which was a real shame as it looked like many bargains were to be had. I'm off this morning, hopefully to pick up another billhook and a No.6 axe.
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    Flint nodule source

    Dave, in summary. It's all good: make fire. (Responsibly ;)))))
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    Flint nodule source

    Time for more nonsense from another Geo-toad; What basalt clearly has in his possession is a sample of what is commonly referred to as 'rinded flint'. Whilst this terminology is not officially recognised in GS circles, it is in frequent use (for the die-hards it's commonplace in the CIRIA...
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    Hi from the Midlands

    Woohoo! More Mids folk!! I'm in the process of setting up a meet near Swadlincote if you're close.
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    (Now withdrawn )Optimus 111 stove and extras.

    Hehe! Off to the dark side then Si?! If I didn't harbour a deep desire to hang my hammock in the summer I'd have swapped. Good luck with the swap, I'm sure it'll go in no time.
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    My first stone set ring

    That is really special, and the texture on the band is superb. Keep up the excellent work.
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    UK Hammocks

    I had one of Mat's first hammocks when he was first setting out, in fact there's a review of it on here somewhere. Probably the best piece of kit I've bought aside from the Exped Downmat (which only beats it for versatility).
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    Skep Beekeeping (without killing bees) - Jack Hargreaves Video

    Wow! That's an offer I can't refuse! I'll PM you on that one.
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    Skep Beekeeping (without killing bees) - Jack Hargreaves Video

    You guys are always two steps ahead of me :) I'm seriously tempted by keeping bees in the wood. I may entice a local beekeeper in with a promise of a superb location in return for honey, but seeing the enjoyment folks get from it makes me want to do it myself.
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    What is it?

    Pike. ;))))