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    Fibre Pile sleeping bags ?

    Yeah, mine was survival aids as well, great for in the tent. But Buffalo I like their stuff, but why so expensive, fibre pile use to be cheap and at one time a poor man's fleece. I keep searching ebay for fibre pile, but it seems others are doing the same too and when the old HH bergsteigers...
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    Fibre Pile sleeping bags ?

    Yeah I know they were bulky back in the day, but fibre sleeping bags are tough and they work damp, but where are they, it seems fleece comes along and pile disappears, one cannot even find a good pile jacket now as pile shelled with pertex is excellent, far better than fleece. But fibre pile...
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    Winter sleeping bag alternatives

    I have known people adapt old household eider downs into sleeping bags and if I can find one in good order I will be doing it myself.
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    Skip find

    True, raiding from skips is theft, it is why I only raid at night, as there are too many assh**** is society today who like to cause problems just because they can. But if the skip in question has something in it you want, ask the skip renter if you can have it and you should be in the clear.
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    That's actually very nice, so simple and precise, I am impressed, ( I am a detail fanatic) I need to get back into knife making again, I stopped when knives became unpopular and college did it's best to turn my skills to other applications and I have been pretty lost since.
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    Skip find

    It's odd, wherever I go and I see a skip, I just have to have a nose and from my nosing I have recovered many a machine householders don't think to repair, where with electrical garden machines the most common throw away fault is the supply lead going open circuit, usually at the labyrinth cord...
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    Old Rover

    The P5B I always liked them, my old headmaster had a maroon coupe and it was lovely, but old cars, the sadness when they go, I have experienced that with two cars now, the first being a 1955 series one land rover I spent most of my teens restoring, and the second was a 1977 VW Devon sundowner...
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    Any other photographers?

    Was that at the beginning of August ? The reason I ask was I was camping up at Hole Station and the storms that weekend were worse than I had seen for a long time, mind the cloud formations were fantastic photographic material ! The worst was the second day whilst walking between Ilfracombe ond...
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    calling all scout leaders.

    I always wondered why the scout association does not adopt a No.2 uniform that can be used to identify scouts, but be of a quality that it can be used for activities. As I am sure some may agree the identification of scouts doing an activity can to some be less threatening than a gang of kids...
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    I usually find a combination of heat and sulphuric acid removes most stuck metal, but with my billhook, the faces appear to be browned, and it's not rust residue, definitely some metal treatment applied, mind I have seen them with the fire scale left on which also resists rust. Also on mine the...
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    Straight razor shaving

    I had an old unused P.L.S razor the fore runner to CK tools, the scales were broken, so I replaced the scales with Brazilian ebony- Gombera ? And made the securing pins from hollow silver tube and yeah I had to make the tube, passed the tube through and splayed over the end with a dot punch...
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    The burrs on the spine come from the past use of using a hammer on the back edge to aid driving the blade through something hefty, mine had one too, I ground off most of it then discovered using a hammer with these things makes them even more capable, hence why it was done in the past. But...
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    Likewise I find it more controllable than a hatchet and more useful and how it splits bigger sections of timber, just chop the thing in as far you can, then batten it or if it's a section that is light enough to picked up with the billhook handle, do so and smack it down again until the log...
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    Barrel knife making tutorial

    Folding knives are more my interest because of the intricacy of the makings and the barrel knife is a very interesting design of which at some point I will have a go at that, because I like the puzzle aspect of it, it not immediately appearing to be a knife, but lovely to see someone else uses a...
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    Everywhere will have it's own variation of the billhook, as it is just a heavy blade used for chopping whatever and even the parang and the machete are your kaiser are variations of and developed for whatever was at hand. But Wiki, even I have modified a page on that, for anyone can, it asks...