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    Ray mears knife collection

    ere jonathan, have you used the new design pro knife much yet? wondering what its like to use, mabye people will start making clones of that one before long.
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    mystery parang

    hes the kind of guy who deals in all kinds of oddities, he has no idea where it is from
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    mystery parang

    i was given this parang by a freind a while back. its really nice to use and well designed. probably forged from a leaf spring, the handle is wraped in bamboo which acts as a perfect natural checkering. proper no nonsense tool but i have no idea of its true origins, im assuming its south east...
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    My first bushcraft knife. What should I look out for.

    bacho wreking knife, ugly as hell but indestructable and will outperform many expensive knives, costs £20
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    Blade thickness

    i have found, 3mm to be the best for an all arounder, 3.5-4mm i think is best for a full tang as it eliminates the flex from a 4" blade that you will encounter when using the knife heavily. flex in a full tang is likely to weaken the scales, so id rather have a ridged blade. if its a hidden...
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    pocket bushcrafter im working on

    that is somthing you dont see very often, brilliant, im jealous
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    anyone tried a Bacho wrecking knife

    found a picture of the tang, from some guys rehandling project. personally i dont see the advantage of wood over rubberised plastic for this type of knife but hey ho
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    anyone tried a Bacho wrecking knife

    just nice to have somthing a bit more substantial than a mora, but still with the rubberised handle and cheap price. just means you dont have to fuss over it so much. ive found alot that when going out i tend to use a mora more, because i dont want my nice knife ruined by water or the edge...
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    anyone tried a Bacho wrecking knife

    wicked, so i guess we can assume the steel would be the same, do you have any thoughts on edge retention or toughness
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    anyone tried a Bacho wrecking knife

    hello buddy, been on the road living out of a transit about europe and uk, its been a pretty mental couple of years. hope your well
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    anyone tried a Bacho wrecking knife

    stumbled across these knives recently, made by Bacho, 4mm thick 4" blade, deep scandi grinds with injection moudled rubberised handle. the supposed use of them is for prying and beating on, ive seen afew videos of them being driven into wood and used like a chisel with no damage to the knife...
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    Campervan living

    i have been living in a lwb transit for two years now, probably the best way of life i can think of for somone in my position. winter is easy enough to deal with providing you have a well insulated space and woodburner or similar heating unit. i think my quality of life is higher than it was...
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    Considering living off the grid.

    yes, its possible but very difficult in the way you describe, unless you own the land and have the rescources behind you to grow ,raise your own food and work the land, your gonna be living a pretty hard existance. if your hoping to live a hunter gatherer lifestyle in the uk your having a laugh...
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    whats doin

    hi guys, i used to post on here under the name siberianfury, however ive had issues with email stuff which left me unable to use my old account. hopefully its ok to re register. cheers, josh
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    Siberianfury travelling update

    hi guys, its josh (siberianfury). ive had to make a new account as my email is invalid on the old one and ive been unable to recover it, hope this is ok Tony. again i havent posted on here for ages, i hope you are all well and still up to some really cool stuff. anyway, i thought id post...