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    Gränsfors axes & Wetterling hatchet.

    Received with thanks! ��
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    Bearclaw Field Knife (BFK) Pic heavy!

    Hi, Much as it pains me to do this, but I need to sell my beloved BFK 😰 These are are a piece of bushcraft history and very rarely come up for sale, such is the love for them from their owners. If you're not aware of them, a brief search here, or over on BB will let you...
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    Gränsfors axes & Wetterling hatchet.

    Time for an overdue clear out of the sharps. Apparently, I don't *need* this many axes! :rolleyes: All axes have been stored indoors, in their sheathes, so no corrosion is evident. All heads are hand forged so show usual manufacturing marks, but there is no damage to heads. I've marked...
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    Birch Sap wine

    Patience, young jedi. You've got a few more months bubbling ahead of you. The colour is fine. By the looks of it, I'd say it is darker because you've still got the sultanas in the wine. Wait until it clears. Martin
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    Pine needle tea

    Hang on a mo. All Viking is doing is telling you how he makes it in Sweden. He's not saying there's a right way or a wrong way. Just telling you how he's been taught to make it. When I was in Sweden, we were trying out different methods. I found that if I chopped the needles, the infusion...
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    Bearclaw Field Knives

    Woo-hoo. #9 arrived this morning. :D Well worth the wait. Well done Gary, the design's a classic. Well done Gerd, the workmanship is 1st class. Just by handling this blade, the potentials for it's use jump out at me. I've never experienced this before with any other blade. The comfort...
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    Bearclaw Field Knives

    #3 to #8 ready to ship. Why am I #9 :confused: :( Bugger!!! :p :D
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    West Sussex Pub Meet

    Hiya, Missed this thread before now. I've been busy decorating the bathroom. :o I'd be interested in meeting up some time. I'll check my diary sometime for those dates. Martin
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    another sloe gin question

    I keep mine for a year as well. I've just popped the cork on my first bottle from last year. Just to give me inspiration whilst I'm picking this years crop!! ;)
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    another sloe gin question

    I don't see plastic bottles being a problem, so long as it's food grade. I use large Kilner jars because as Buckshot said, it's easier to get the sloes out afterwards. Experimentation is the mother of all success!! :D
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    gore tex bivvys

    Gary at Bearclaw Bushcraft do brand new ones for £43.99
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    Help,Somewhere near Dagenham

    Epping forest?
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    Vildmark Course

    That vehicle was fantastic!!! it wasn't a Humvee, it was a Volvo army truck. Think of how hardcore their family vehicles are and then imagine the same designers making something for the army. :eek: :eek: :D martin
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    Splitting pine...

    I think you might have answered your own question. Trying to split a seasoned log with a blunt hatchet. You've got your work cut out for yourself. ;) In that situation, I'd follow Wolfs suggestion of using the hatchet to cut wedges and work on the cracks you've already made. Hope that...
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    Vildmark Course

    There's a bus that goes directly from the airport to the bus station. It only costs a tenner or so. You'll get that info when you get your paperwork. Cheers, Martin