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    Article: How To…. Carve and Use an Adjustable Pot Hanger

    excellent work george! big thumbs up from me. :You_Rock_ i remember the first time i saw mors carving a pot hanger notch in about four seconds with three well placed whacks of a bat! i was so gobsmacked i got on the phone to a highly skilled bushcraft instructor friend to tell him about it...
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    How to use a Millbank Bag

    well the water won't be "sterile", but you will have effectively pasturised your water. so most of the bugs will be dead. :rolleyes:;) like you say, boiling water, a good rolling boil: big bubbles = no troubles :cool: cheers, and.
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    Do you have a black bottom??

    Pots live in a dedicated stuff sack. Chunks get cleaned/scraped off as and when. Inside is clean. Mors says it is more efficient with a black pot. A tight fitting lid probably has more effect on efficiency. Inside of pot is always clean.
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    Historical Soldier's Kit

    :lmao: yes that is also a thought that struck me, a very modern styled sheath too. :rolleyes: cheers, and.
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    Historical Soldier's Kit

    very cool article thanks. there appears to be no index of the archer's kit. simple enough though it may be. extraordinary to think that what appears to be a kent pattern hatchet has been around for so long. now i just need one...... :rolleyes: :D cheers, and.
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    Why are bushcraft knives, and survival knives so different?

    not the spetznatz style thing no. this one my own one is...
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    Why are bushcraft knives, and survival knives so different?

    yes, rifles too, and even first aid kits. but in terms of "let's talk about designing a survival knife", slightly pointless. no pun intended. :rolleyes: i already have the ultimate in multi-role machetes, :cool: but i'd love to get my hands on a russian survival kit machete. cheers, and.
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    Why are bushcraft knives, and survival knives so different?

    the quality most desired in a survival knife is propinquity! :o i know this because i read it in leroy thompson's book on survival knives. i agree most wholeheartedly. ie the best survival knife is the one with you. essentially this disqualifies any big honking knives from the title of survival...
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    Best tarp out there?

    I've been considering the multicam bssha for a wee while. Will probably pick one up now. Cheers, And.
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    Best Bow Drill Cordage!!

    Det cord! :D
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    Survive That!

    i've been catching up with these, it is easily the least annoying of all the tv survival shows. possibly even better than man, woman, wild...... possibly! :lmao: cheers, and.
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    A Bushcraft Book collection

    It's an awesome book! sent from yet another infuriating handheld device!
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    5 tarp shelter set-ups

    that is awesome!well done chaps. i've never used that first one before. the only point i'd add is that on a gusty night as the wind flaps the tarp about, sometimes unsecured trekking poles can come adrift. or knocked over by fatties moving around inside. :lmao: a handy Aframe at the entrance...
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    Fiskars billhook

    I can only reitrrate the above sentiments. Fiskars brush hooks are awesome. Roving Rich is remarkably stingy. He borrowed mine for a while, when i had it back rich went out and bought his own. There is no higher praise than this! :D Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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    Woggles and patches for the Scouts

    Well those are well stylin'!! :cool: Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk