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    "Tactical" Dome Tent

    Sold Pending Funds :) Thanks Rich
  2. Roving Rich

    "Tactical" Dome Tent

    Well according to my digi scales it weighs in at 5.06 Kg. As i said it not really a backpacker model, but if your after a sturdy tent that gonna last this is your baby. Cheers Rich
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    "Tactical" Dome Tent

    Hi Guys - I have for sale a brand new Wechsel Conqueror XV Dome tent. These are usually only available to special forces and not the general public. The fly has some secret anti infra red coating that disguises this tent from passing aircraft, night sights etc. Basically it is a 2 or 3 man "bomb...
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    Pentax Optio W80 12.1 Mpixel Waterproof Camera

    Dang missed it ! Great little pocket camera, lost my old one in the Thames got it back 3 days later when someone fished it out and recognised someone in the photos ! Sadly it now resides in the depths of the river Dart. If it falls through let me know. Cheers Rich
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    TERRA NOVA expedition tent

    Ooooooh nice ! Second dibs if it goes pear shaped. Cheers Rich
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    K & M Match Case

    May I purchase a standard aluminium clear please. Thanks Rich
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    Useful site....Air Rifle Pest Control

    They'll Never take me alive ! :D RR
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    Good news: missing member Found - previously Some bad news: missing member!

    Lets hope no news is good news. Best wishes to the family, I hope he shows up safe and well. ATB Rich
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    Duluthpack Rambler to go... Karrimor Sabre 45 wanted...

    You Jammy git Rich ! Beat me to it. Bargain. Cheers Rich
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    Firesteel Blanks

    PM sent :) Cheers Rich
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    Vaude Taurus II tent

    Hey - good tent guys if your in the market for one ? These Vaudes go up fast, with the poles on the outside, and the inner ready suspended inside. So inside doesn't get wet putting it up in the rain. Not that it ever rains in the UK right :p Hope it finds a good home. Cheers Rich
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    Cold weather top

    Yup :D The Snugpak pertex and pile top is one of the best bits of kit I have ever bought. Its fantastic. I have slept in the woods in it with no sleeping bag or other shelter. Canoed in storms and frosts in it. Its excellent. I have buffalo salopetes, and the pile is nowhere near as dense...
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    Birch sap tap.

    I think I need to try this ASAP ;) The Cherry trees are already in blossom here ! Spring is on its way, and I still haven't cut the hedge back. Cheers Rich
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    Bushcraft courses and your opinions

    That would be great Greg - Until someone who didn't enjoy a course, starts slagging off a school. Then the School will take umbridge and have a go at us, and we get a nasty legal letter from their solicitor... I'm not saying that this thread doesn't have a place, and some schools couldn't learn...
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    Glastonbury 07

    Not this year, co-leading a couple of canoe expeditions whilst its on :rolleyes: Was there 2 years ago tho. Falling Rain was doing bushcraft demo's in the green fields somewhere. Lots of great stuff going on bushcraft wise - flintknapping, greenwoodwork, clay ovens, forges.....If you get...