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    Benchmade 940

    160 quid, like new, to your door ( free postage ) sounds like a good deal good luck with the sale mate
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    Lost Letters ( English )

    No need for that Denis !!
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    Lost Letters ( English )

    100% bugs the life out of me and also the "f" instead of "Th" as in Fink instead of Think, Fursdee instead of Thursday !! Aaaagh ! it's not Free !! it's THREE !!
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    Wish i'd seen this earlier ! I have many lock knives for you to choose from if the above deal falls through.
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    They are jolly expensive !!
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    Recommended Campsites

    off to a campsite in Cong ( Galway ) on Thursday to escape the 12th weekend madness Question ...... why is Cong Famous ? answers on a postcard please :)
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    Woodwork Marking Gauge

    that's a lovely usable piece of traditional looking kit .... great job.
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    Google Fu required chaps ....

    here you go Stew ........ ( google is your friend )
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    Google Fu required chaps ....

    That's awfully kind of you Stew, and so very nice that we now know where you're coming from :)
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    Google Fu required chaps ....

    Showing your true colours ? That's a shame, used to think you were a reasonable bloke.... Why would a steel name, carbon ... Stainless ... Surgical, annoy you so much you trash my thread and ruin any chance of selling it ?
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    Google Fu required chaps ....

    Hey Stew, thanks for knocking my knife mate. !!
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    Google Fu required chaps ....

    No idea ... That's what it says on the blade
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    Google Fu required chaps ....

    you're right but it's made of Surgical steel and hold a lovely edge, it's nice and balanced in the hand as well. over all a pretty cool knife but it's just been sitting in it's box for gawd knows how long, which is a shame as it's a sweet knife.
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    What did you buy today?

    A Bowel !! that's slightly anal of you Dear. "Very pleased with it. Lighter and larger than my mugs and can be used as a bowel too "
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    Google Fu required chaps ....

    not worth selling at that price really