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    GearPods Stove - £10 off

    For those who have been waiting for the out of stock colours to be available again - they are now ;-)
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    EXOTAC fireROD

    The GunMetal version of the EXOTAC fireROD is now available within the online store. We only have a few in stock at the moment as we had a fair amount of backorders. Get your's here.
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    Biolite first use

    I love mine. No problems with charging at all.
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    Freekey System - now available

    We are pleased to announce that we have the FreeKey System and Freekey Keyring uploaded to the online store. Details can be found here. Ideal for the base of your EDC keyring - still as secure as a keyring but easier to get items on and off when you need to. Perfect for your EXOTAC...
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    Fungi Courses on the Ashdown Forest

    Some of you will know Iona from her various appearances around the place and her enthusiasm for fungi related stuff. She has some courses running in the Ashdown Forest at fantastic prices - £30 per place on an open course, but can also be persuaded to run private courses for groups or...
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    BCUK Discount Code - 10% off Kit and Courses

    I have just got rid of the separate code for BCUK Full Members, as it had expired earlier this month. Just use the standard BCUK code now. We are planning to launch the new online store later next month, so we will try and make sure that the code migrates to the new store without any problems.
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    GearPods Stove - £10 off

    Apart from the free gift with GearPods products purchased between now and the end of the month, we have just rolled out an offer for £10 off a GearPods Stove system between now and the end of October. Discount code to use is STOVE10
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    Blast from the past - Flashy Lights

    Great news - the retail price of the RAC Personal HazardLights have now dropped substantially. Prices now start from £14.99 and the BCUK 10% discount can still be used :cool:
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    Discount (20%) - this week only.

    Last call for the 20% off - which runs out at midnight tonight.
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    Discount (20%) - this week only.

    thats probably out of stock, but it you let me know what you are after then I can double check on the shelves.
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    Discount (20%) - this week only.

    and just to top it all up a bit more and take it beyond the end of the month - anyone purchasing a GearPods product from us between now and the end of September will be in with the chance of winning a GearPods T-Shirt (and maybe a few other GearPods goodies).
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    Discount (20%) - this week only.

    Sharing a bit of the love from the facebook page for those who don't visit it from here. We are running a 20% discount on purchases from the online store at This offer runs until 31st August 2012. You will need to enter the coupon code Facebook20 when you are making...
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    Ahoy from Surrey ^^

    Hello and welcome :)
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    EXOTAC fireROD

    Listings now enabled - don't forget your BCUK discount.
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    EXOTAC fireROD

    We have just uploaded the listings of the new EXOTAC fireROD and the two length options of refills to the online store. These are EXOTAC's offering for those who want to carry their firesteel in the ferro rod loop of a knife sheath and come with an o-ring sealed waterproof compartment in the...