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    For Sale Leather stuff for sale.

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    For Sale Leather stuff for sale.

    Hi, first attempt at this so hopefully will get it right! 3 wallets and a field note cover made by myself. All items are hand cut from full grain leather. Hand dyed using fiebings professional oil dye. Saddle stitched with ritza tiger thread. I originally made one for myself but liked it so much...
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    For Sale Selling all of my Leathercraft Equipment & Leather Stock

    Interested but will need more information on stock tools etc please.
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    1 or 2?

    Hi all, Throwing this out there for some advice really. I am currently retiring my jack wolfskin tantrum pack that has spent more time with me than my wife for about the past 15 years. Still servicable (the pack not the wife) but the self healing zip on the top compartment spends alot of time...
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    Leather stitching needles needed, help please!

    I know whch needles you are talking about had 2 break on me. I got some needles free with some ritza thread and they are great. No difference in width the whole length of the needle. Some cause of breaks though can be through incorrect stitching technique.....again figured this out the hard...
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    My first mora HD sheath

    Loving the sam browns. Changes the look compared to poppers considerably. Plus I am hating poppers at the moment. Setting them properly is a nightmare! Less to go wrong with a SB. Thanks for all the comments!
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    My first mora HD sheath

    Heres my first attempt at a knife sheath. Still getting to grips with leather work but satisfied with the result. The dying didnt go to plan. Oil dye is a bit unforgiving!
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    Light my fire army 2 specs

    Hi, This is what is on their website but just seems too large? Cannot find these specs on any other site. Material: Swedish FireSteel®: magnesium alloy Striker: stainless steel Actual size: scout model: 77x24x14mm Weight: 27g army model: 95x26x16mm Weight: 50g Rflw
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    Light my fire army 2 specs

    Hi, first post so hopefully right way right place! I am making a ferro rod holder for a friend who has the LMF army 2 model. I have researched this and the spec on the lmf sight states it is about 16mm wide. Look elsewhere and it is about 10mm. Any one know the current specs. I am aware...