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    Bushmoot 2013; a kid's view

    That's lovely! Nice compilation. :-)
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    The Fiery Pants of Shame - Norwegian holiday/Arctic course report.

    When I wet myself laughing at this, it felt quite shameless in comparison :lmao: Brilliant story. Thanks for sharing!
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    Article: Have a Great 2013

    Happy Christmas Bristow Clan! And y'all good people :)
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    Firepiston Tutorial

    Wow! Very well done!
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    Bushmoot Bow Making?

    Oh! I did not see your invite until now Wayne - thank you! That is so kind of you. Susannah will be really pleased - something fab to look forward to!! And as I missed the course in the end - bagsy I bring her! :)
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    Bushmoot Bow Making?

    Okay, thanks Wayne; and thank you Dave and John - I will pass on your well wishes x p.s. She is going to be in hospital for a few days yet at least - severed arteries and tendons - but I am seeing about getting her to the moot still if it is at all possible.
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    Bushmoot Bow Making?

    Wayne, do you know what day you will be doing this? as I won't be able to make the whole moot this year and was thinking of coming just from the 1st to the 5th (Although things might change altogether as cyclingrelf ran through a plate glass door yesterday and was apparently in hospital with...
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    Bushmoot Bow Making?

    Mark Gater would like to join too please - he can't seem to be able to log on to put his name down!
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    Bushmoot Bow Making?

    Ooh - me too please!!
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    What did you learn at the Bushmoot?

    I also got to hug Tony :) It was like hugging a bear.
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    Good Moot, thanks to you all :-)

    Thank you all you mods and rockers and Tony (I see you as a rocker, right?) and everyone for being the people who make the moot my best holiday of the year :)
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    What did you learn at the Bushmoot?

    That sausage casserole was awesome... I want the recipe. :-P
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    What did you learn at the Bushmoot?

    That simple ideas mostly take geniuses to think of them :)
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    Naughty corner

    I'm going to miss you guys.... again.... Thanks for a great time :D
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    Good Afternoon From Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire

    And mine is a perry :-P