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    Good Afternoon from the USA!!!

    hello and a very warm welcome :fishing: goodjob
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    lake district meet

    hi i was wondering if anyone would be up for a meet in the lakes next bank holiday to share experience and to have a crac i have a couple of places to wild camp or a site that allows fires im faily new to the bushcraft gig but have been fishing, hunting and camping for years cheers goodjob goodjob
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    hello and welcome goodjob
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    Reasons to light a fire

    i like fire it does wot you want it to do ie cook,boil, heat and you can get lost watching the flames dance :fishing:goodjob:campfire::campfire:
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    Crayfish and Wild Garlic.

    hello i live in the lakes and there is lots of wild garlic around at the moment and theb smell is great :fishing:
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    Rabbit shooting & where to aim.

    hello when im shooting i aim for the eye and have allways had a quick clean humane kill and ive allways had ultimate respect for the animal that has lost its life to sustain mine i also work ferrets with a friend and we have learnt to dispatch a rabbit quickly by hand.. as orgi said legging the...
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    Hi from across the pond, any pond...

    hellooooooo and welcome im new here and have found the site and other members to be very helpfull have fun:fishing:goodjob
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    do you think he needs a lesson????

    wot a moron a first class idiot people like this should not be allowed to post videos on you tube wot happens if a child who is learning bushcraft watches this and decides to copy this practice not only will they ruin a perfectly good knife they will possibly lose a digit or two clowns like him...
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    Newbie, but bit of an oldhand

    hello and a very warm welcome goodjob:fishing::campfire:
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    Best Usernames

    peskypiker is mine
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    specialised hardrock

    cheers matey thanks for letting me know :-)
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    specialised hardrock

    hi its a19 inch frame and im into pike and fly fishing cheers
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    Walkers relying on smartphone apps blamed for 50% hike in mountain rescure call outs

    the Westmorland gazette said that people use the internet as a way of engaging with the landscape.. wots wrong with going out on the fell and engaging with the landscape in person.. And string maker i to have seen some crazy stuff out on the fells and have helped a couple down helvellyn after...
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    minnow trap

    when i was a kid me and my mates would catch the minnows and then put them on a treble and wait for mr pike to be honest we still do sometimes
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    specialised hardrock

    hi i have a specialised hardrock mountain bike that i would swap for bushcraft/fishing/walking or hunting gear the bike was 600 new allthough it needs some tlc and a good clean cheers