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    Jerky. Unbelievably Easy!!!

    That seems really easy,I always buy it from asda but think I'll be giving this recepy a try
  2. persistent king

    Out of the way campsites, Cheshire or North Wales

    I'm wigan just up the road, I'm going here this weekend it's meant to be really quiet and basic with stunning views
  3. persistent king

    Back garden camping

    I always do it on the Spair of the moment thing, fire pit cooking our evening tea on it and telling stories round it then breakfast in the morning, just like the woods but with no trees haha, at least your getting out mate
  4. persistent king

    So I Did it - Solo Overnighter (Dull report & Pics!)

    Spot on mate , enjoyed reading that and great pics
  5. persistent king

    Campfire pizza

    I've tried this a couple of times with the kids it's great and the kids love making them themselves
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    Crusader Cookset and metal lid

    If not I'll take it plz
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    Snowdon - first for my kids.

    I did it a few months ago with my 9yo and 13yo great day out and some fantastic views, fair play to them we hiked up and back down again. Great pics
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    1st time in a camping pod

    Haha he loved it I've had the other two camping in the woods and the lad on a middlewood meet but easing the baby into it slowly haha
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    1st time in a camping pod

    Took the family in a camping pod this weekend at Stanley villa campsite near Blackpool, thought I'd give the glamping a go. we arrived and were greeted by the owner Alex who showed us to our pod and just told us to help our selves to logs , BBQ coals and fire lighters out of the cabin and just...
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    Tiffin tins

    I've just purchased some tiffin tins and was thinking of perhaps using them as a carrier for my brew kit, put a stove in one and drinks etc in another and fold down cups in another etc, or perhaps use it on camps to carry all my food, does anyone use them and what do people on here use them for ?
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    Chainsaw advice?

    I recently got this recomended by a member on here, cracking piece of kit and starts first time , every time I've also just purchased one of these aswell...
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    New lives in the Wild: Channel 5

    Does it repeat ?
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    Tipi tent with frontier stove - Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detector needed?

    Even smokeless coal ? Does that produce carbon monoxide aswell ?
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    Bird prep...

    I came across this the other day , never seen this before