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    Outtakes..Form Compatibility with the new Stainless Steel Canteen

    Okay so was trying to do this short film for the on You Tube.But some time the gods just look down on you and laugh....
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    Bushcraft Ethics and Spotted Gum Harvesting

    Hey guys this is a short film I made...In bushcraft we talk a lot about what is the best knife or axe.But seldom do you hear anyone talking about using these tools ethically. I am really angry and upset at some of so called bushcraft videos posted in you tube.Some people seem hell bent on...
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    Birch Handle Puukko by Kari Kuitunen

    Hey guys ,this video is a look at a knife by finnish knife maker Kari Kuitunen.The handle is stuning classic curly birch and juma. When I first got the knife in the mail I said to Kari.. Your knife came Kari,very nice I not sure to use it or just take photos of it..!!Kari replied..."Many...
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    I now a Wetterlings fan..

    I got a Hultafors axe as well at $50 from the local hardware store how could I say no!!.Good tools just a peg down from Wetterlings in my book..
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    Cooking spoons

    some really nice work..!
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    1000 Posts Competition

    1st of july
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    Angry Aberdeen seals

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    Cawl spoons

    Wow..nice work..!
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    Feather Sticks Practice with a Helle Harding

    You guys my enjoy this short vid this just a bit of old school Feather Sticking...
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    I now a Wetterlings fan..

    I lot of axe for your doller I say..!! I mean
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    Bit of a walk in the Australian woods

    Thanks wee tune!!
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    Bit of a walk in the Australian woods

    Hey guys...This is just a slideshow I put togther from my wildlife pics for various bush trips.All pics taken in NSW mostly along the coastline..
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    I now a Wetterlings fan..

    Any of you guys Wetterlings axe fans??I just did a bit of a trade with with a chap from Denmark and got the 19" hunters axe.As you can tell from this short vid I am haveing a lot of fun.Is a really great tool cuts very wel I need to do a full reveiw.. .
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    Stung twice by bull ants..!!

    I say numer 3...!