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    Hi Tony, I enjoyed your piece about "knives and the law" It is the clearest item I have seen...

    Hi Tony, I enjoyed your piece about "knives and the law" It is the clearest item I have seen on this subject Al previous ones have given the impression that if your knife was in the bottom of a rucksack or in The boot of your car, all was O.K. Because it was not immediately to hand...
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    Just joined

    Good to hear from you hope you enjoy membership as much as me. Lots hear to learn from. Do get out into the countryside and find what the real life is all about. Hope that you enjoy it as much as I have. Do get out into the countryside as much as ou can and you will find what life is really...
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    Most hard wearing and Long lasting clothing you own ( and the shortest before thrown)

    Blacks Ventile Anorak had this for forty years, orange color for safety, now a bit bleached from being used for bum sliding in the snow. Goes a bit stiff in the wet, but still preferred to Goretex as it seems to be more breathable.
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    D-rings - What do you have on yours?

    Re "D" Rings, I have looked far and wide for"D" rings of a size that could be used to hang a sheath knife low from one's Belt, but without success. Do any of our leather craftsmen have a source for what I mean. The size that come ready fitted to some of the larger Bushcraft Sheaths? I would...
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    My wife of 16 years passed away tonight.

    Sorry to hear of your loss. It must be devastating for you. My wife and I only have each other and I hate to anticipate this happening to either of us. Our thoughts are very much with you at this time. Time alone will lessen your loss, but try to think of the good times you have had together...
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    Mark Hill SPB2 in Oak

    Not too good at the sums are we. Just joking. That's the kind of thing I would do.
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    Socks for your boots - layering?

    The main thing is to make sure that both pairs are not the same. The outer pair should be of a thicker structure than the inner ones. This means that they do not cling together. Any slipping that takes place, does so between the socks and not against your feet. The outer pair will tend to stick...
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    New and newly scottish.

    You are going to a nice part of the country, WELCOME TO SCOTLAND when it comes about. You should find plenty of places in that area to get some practice in. If you ask on here, you may find some fellow bush rafters fairly near to hand that you will be able to meet up with, if you so wish. I am...
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    Scottish fishing advice.

    One thing to be aware of is that if fishing for trout or salmon, you must use a rod and reel, not a survival type reel on it's own. That is classed as poaching, and if caught poaching your can have all your gear confiscated that is connecte to your fishing trip your boat, your car (because it...
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    Carrying fixed blades whilst wild camping

    Someone is getting mixed up between a dirk and a skean dubh . A dirk is a large knife about half the length of a sword, and is worn at waist level an may have a knife and fork in sheaths on the front of the main sheath. The one worn in the stocking is a skean dubh and has a blade about three to...
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    coke can meths burners?

    If you follow the instructions to make the "penny" stove you will find it OK , But the White box Stove which costs about 20 quid is much better in heat output, and the flame jets work when the pot is directly placed on the stove, where the pot used in this way would smother most of this type of...
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    Swedish M90 cold weather parka

    You will draw more interest if you put in the size. Not everyone will understand the jacket label. Not being cheeky just trying to help. Cheers Stuart.
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    What do you put between....

    Space blanket is good and so is a carry at, or both. Enjoy. I found this great in November in Scotland.. Stuart
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    W'shop insulation ideas?

    Don't know what you think about polystyrene foam ? I wanted some to use as bouncy for some Scout canoes or rather kayaks, I approached my local sewing machine shop to see if I could get some of their packing in which their machines come packaged in. No problem and free of charge if collected by...
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    Ankles? Medical advice please.

    I know what I would do to the b----Rs I'd chain them up in a cave with no food and just enough water to keep them alive for a while and maybe whipped every second day, and take a video of them To let others see what it is like to be punished in this way. There are too many blooming do good...