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    Dartmoor 6 " The Great Moorland Bake Off "...

    Pinky has just bought a new UBER-toy especially in time for this meet ;)
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    Sussex Bushcraft Group - January Meet?

    It's been a while.... :) 'real life' financial, house and personal issues meant we didnt get out again last year after June! But although we may not be able to make the Jan meet, we are hoping to get back on the scene and into the woods soon. So, so pleased to see the group still running...
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    Dartmoor 6 " The Great Moorland Bake Off "...

    Its been a while, but we will try to be there ;) Bake off?! My kinda challenge!
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    Dartmoor 3 "This time its personal"...

    I am sure we can arrange some temporary shocking pink but he's back to White blond ATM because of his current job :( We are def in for this! Not managed to get out since June although on the plus side, the house and garden are getting somewhere :)
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    Dartmoor 3 "This time its personal"...

    OMG the man is back!!! :) We've been out of the loop a bit while sorting a load of real life stuff. Will check with the pink one himself, but pencil us in! Xx
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    2 x Full Member Bushmoot Tickets :-(

    Anyone - could be a bargain for the full-length stay!!
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    2 x Full Member Bushmoot Tickets :-(

    bump... any offers considered.
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    2 x Full Member Bushmoot Tickets :-(

    Hoping to be able to sort out the August and September Sussex meets shortly - pending Payday (tomorrow)
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    2 x Full Member Bushmoot Tickets :-(

    Unfortunately due to a change in personal circumstances, Pinky and I will no longer be able to attend :( :vio: Tony has said we are able to sell the tickets on here, so if anyone would like 2 tickets for the Full Member duration of 4th-11th August, please contact me. They cost £100 each...
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    Dartmoor - some things dont change

    If anyone finds somewhere, we may be able to come down again?
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    sussex bushcraft group broadstone recky

    Pinky and I are now unfortunately unable to make either weekend, however Broadstones till has a provisional booking for 16/17. Is anyone wtill able to make that date, or shall I cancel in favour of resuming as usual in August?
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    bcuk Wild Foods Week - June 20th - 24th 2011

    Hi Guys We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, despite arriving late in the pouring rain! Really informative week with some great people - particularly liked the foraging walks and the final day where we collected our own items was really useful to practice what we'd learned. Happily I found my...
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    sleep kit for hammockers

    Bearing in mind I sleep in a hammock while Pinky sleeps on the ground next to me: DD XL Tarp (4.5x3m) - traditional ridgeline setup, permanently attached to... ...10m paracord ridgeline with prusiks DD Frontline Hammock Snugpak/BCUK Underquilt (temperature depending) Alpkit Base 180...
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    Book gift it on

    Unfortunately I have/have read all of them - great books and Himalaya is a particular favourite
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    How many nights camping out in 2011?

    9 +2 (Dartmoor) +4 (Wild Foods course) = 15