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    North Wood October/November 30~1 2015

    Wow I just openned this post haven't been on here for ages. Great photo of my Lavvu. Would love to get out for a meet.
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    Hi fella where about in the West Mids are you?
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    To Infinity and Beyond.

    Yeah we've had some pretty high quotes for campervans. Thanks to the guys that replied with this as an idea. Certainly worth looking at. Quite up for camping and motels. Actually in fairness I kept the brief on this fairly non specific for a reason. I'm taking the trip to change my...
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    Old style Karrimor KSB's ?

    Thought I would add to this. I had a pair of KSB Caingorm Karrimor boots - absolutely awesome boot eVent lining and Vibram sole. Have recently replaced them with what I thought was similar spec Karrimor boot. Vibram sole, eVent lining. Just completed a 5 mile walk in them and these are straight...
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    To Infinity and Beyond.

    I'm booking the flight this weekend and Singapore has been added as it's the first port of call on the Round The World Ticket. I've heard about the prices there and in Oz so the idea is really only as a flying visit. For Lima / Peru the idea is Machu Pichu. With regard to America I'm...
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    To Infinity and Beyond.

    Ok guys I'm looking for recommendations on the following destinations. Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, New Zealand, Oz, Lima, USA and Canada. I'm planning a trip and am after places / experiences or recommendation in these countries. Things to see, places to visit, your...
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    North Wood Extended Meet! August 23 - September 01 2013

    Pee your interest below only if you agree to the terms in post 1, indicate available dates ... and include this line in the paste please. 1. woodspirits (in spirit only) 2. spud dtbc 3. NLW: Days TBC. 4. ADz-1983 (Maybe/TBC) 5. sadplsace dtbc 6. MJM1 (Not sure which weekend yet) 7...
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    I met him at the first bushcraft meet at North Wood. It's a real sad loss to die at such an early age. Condolences to the family. Rest in peace fella.
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    Estonia Trip Report - Easter 2013 - Frozen Seas, Rivers and Lakes

    Awesome write up mate. Looks a fantastic trip. Must add this to the list of places to visit.
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    My little Norway Trip, the highs and woe's. Pic heavy

    Fantastic write up fella. Bought back some great memories of the times I was there. Good lad.
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    Norway Jan 2013 -Planning and Preparation

    Bugger I had a fiver on them all being dead within 3 days. Who had 5 days?
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    Norway Jan 2013 -Planning and Preparation

    Great stuff lads. Can't wait to see the write up and the pictures.
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    North wood 14-16 december 2012

    Have a great weekend one and all. Still selling my more perminent shelter so won't be out to play sadly.
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    North wood december pics

    Great meet that was guys. Good luck for this weekend