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    For Sale Michael Morris Fixed Blade Knife

    Lovely knife might help if you put blade length up etc
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    Pine Martins and Squirrels

    They released some in the forest of dean while back , I actually was living in Monmouth and went to the talk in Chepstow few years ago when they said about releasing some, but that's quite a journey.
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    Sold Thank you Bushcraft people she's SPF ! :-)

    Yeah cheers munky, over the moon with it, and like you say easier when it's local
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    Sold TBS Boar EDC Scandi Folder

    Good catch
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    For Sale Two Dogs Bush Shirt

    I’ve got a two dogs coat I’ve been meaning to sell for years , measuring roughly 21 inch from pit to pit , 21 inch sleeve length and 32.5 inch length
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    Sold Uco candle lantern £20

    Just edited it flaming phones messed me around took 2 attempts
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    Sold Uco candle lantern £20

    Uco candle lantern with 2 unused candles and a pouch ,I bought it off here never used it downsizing on my possessions and freeing up some cash , Uk Postage thrown in ive put it in a small cardboard box so going to cost me over £3 to safely post it Advertised elsewhere . £20
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    Preppers bikes.

    Just a little bump if your considering a bike don’t bother with a Halfords carrera unless you want to learn bike mechanics an prepared to replace everything apart from the frame I bought Carrera Subway for £50 off a certain auction site admittedly secondhand all the fittings rusted the back...
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    Bushcraft and survival books

    Think you have to have prices on your adverts ?
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    Sold Spyderco friction folder

    Drop to £60 please no offers below that .
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    Sold Spyderco friction folder

    Spyderco friction folder With the pouch and the box (not photographed as in loft ) Bought off here August time for £75 Selling for £60 these are double that new ? Quality strong knife wasted sat in my sock draw , ive found 2 knives I forgot I had , (In back of me sock drawer) Am downsizing on...
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    For Sale Various knives

    Hi yes please if still available , message me your PayPal email
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    For Sale Various knives

    Hi wulf is that the friction folder with carry pouch as per your other thread ?