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    Most popular style of bushcraft knife

    Just what I was thinking..... :lmao: What about Loveless DP hunter as an option?
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    home made wood carrier

    Rucksacks with an external L frame from which the main puch could be removed were quite common when I was a kid, I wonder if I still have mine, it would be ideal for 2 cases of beer! :D
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    Thermarest Neo Air mattress

    What about the Alpkit Numo, is that similar?
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    Traser H3 not waterproof!

    The ATM rating generally refers to a static pressure test, which would be the equivalent of the pressure of 100M head of water not allowing for any movement / vibration etc. Duncan's advice is sound as far as I'm concerned!
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    Spending months underground - Chilean miners to sit it out

    Wow, that is horrific, but where there is breath there is hope, and humans are remarkably resilient creatures. Miners are tough guys used to claustrophobic conditions, I really hope they have enough supplies and all make it!
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    Vulture takes off to 30,000ft, threat to aircraft

    Dunno, although only 7.3 miles horizontally from where it went missing, it is still 6.8 miles up and not responding to it's name! :lmao:
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    Traser H3 not waterproof!

    Ahh right, no harm in taking the back off and letting it dry out then?
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    Review: Hultafors craftsmen's knife

    Looks ok, but the guard section is far too deep for my liking and I think I'd find it a hindrance, particularly compared to a clipper.
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    Traser H3 not waterproof!

    The retailer where you got it would be my first port of call!
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    Anyone know where to find DUOSSAL pots?

    I wouldn't bother with a duossal frying pan, non stick beats it hands down!
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    time to raid argos

    I may not be old enough to remember them when they were first about, but I certainly own one now! :D I also have my dads old mountain tent (good companion?)which is marked with both Blacks and Edgington, which as far as I can make out, dates it somewhere between 1967 and 1970ish??
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    Vulture takes off to 30,000ft, threat to aircraft

    It probably got a high altitude cerebral edema and came back down! :D
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    Should there be a UK Sea Angling license

    Whatever, Gordon Brown! :lol:
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    time to raid argos

    I have an earlier green one, nice small and light tent, but no chance of getting two in it!:rolleyes:
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    Setting up a bushcraft skills zone - advice needed please!

    What about a laptop under each tarp tuned to BCUK, and maybe your scouts could teach some of the members here a thing or two!