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    Trangia 25 Kettle replacement

    Just bought a well used outwell 1.2 litre ss, off an auction site. I will let you know how it fits the trangia 25, when it arrives.
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    Trangia 25 Kettle replacement

    Thanks for sharing that info Jack, much appreciated. The search for a stainless kettle for my trangia 25/ optimus nova goes on. Dave
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    Trangia 25 Kettle replacement

    Watching with interest as I am looking for a kettle that fits in the trangia 25 without falling through. does the 1.5l eagle fit securely?
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    Autumn Gear Sale Two

    PM sent.....
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    Wanted, MAG Lite belt loop

    Hi Phil After reading your post yesterday I remembered that I had one of these, I have managed to find it after about ten years of not using it. If you pm me your details I will post it out to you on Monday morning. I'm happy if it goes to someone who will use it. Dave.
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    Washing machine + Dryer in the garden... help!!!!

    These are good$ja=cgid:7914377327|tsid:41259|cid:162019367|lid:46591562687|nw:g|crid:27988207967|rnd:12176488840540056335|dvc:c|adp:1o2
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    Stainless kettle to FIT the trangia 25

    Thanks Rik I have owned and used my 25 for over 20 years so I am aware of its capabilities and am not trying to fix it. If you read the 1st line of my OP, I explain that it is perfectly good and that my want for stainless is just a hankering. You know, the same reason that people own 15...
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    Stainless kettle to FIT the trangia 25

    OK I wonder if anyone can help? Trangia make a perfectly good ali kettle for this but for the last year i have had a hankering for a stainless one. Searching for an answer online gives a multitude of possibilities. Kettles that fit in the storage position but no mention in the cooking position...
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    Nova burner, trangia , snow melting set

    Twodogs - payment sent. Apologies to drliamski, I hope you manage to find another. Dave.
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    Nova burner, trangia , snow melting set

    Yes Please! I would like this if still available, please PM your payment details. Thanks. Dave.
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    Solar charger reviews

    Have a read, if you have a spare evening? No affiliation. etc. Dave.
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    Sub £100 automatic watch recommendations

    There is another option, some quartz watches use a ten year battery, as in; it should last ten years. Best of both worlds, quartz accuracy with extended time between services. It depends what you will be using it for. I don't suppose you would wear your TAG in the same environments that you...
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    What's your favorite watch?

    Wives can be like that sometimes, lots of problems despite regular servicing.:joke:
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    What's your favorite watch?

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    Yet another clear out

    Hi cowboy, I would like the handwarmer if it's still available? Dave.