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    Gransfors Bruk buy Wetterlings! Very interesting. I know a number of stores won't stock Gransfors on the basis of poor communication and stock levels. I hope the buy out leaves the Wetterlings designs intact.
  2. MertzMan

    Arizzon Wolverine Monolith MKII 90L backpack - The verdict after 3 years of ownership

    I've not purchased a Monolith recently, but I did purchase a Ratel, IIRC, the name escapes me, some 12 months ago. The quality was just as good IMO.
  3. MertzMan

    Terra Nova Laser Competition 2 ultralight tent 1.25kg. PICS AND PRICE DROP

    I'm spending less and less time in the bush as family, work etc... take over, so here for sale is my Terra Nova Laser Competition 2 - Ultralight 2 man tent. This weighs 1.25kg when packed with a size of 40cm*16cm. Good clean condition with not much use. Smoke and pet free...
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    Axes, axes, axes!

    SOLD. Cheers.
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    Axes, axes, axes!

    I have for sale here 3 axes as a lot. Hultafors Classic Trekking, Wetterlings Wildlife, Carving axe? All have been used with care, respect and sharpening when needed. The Carving axe does however need rehandling due to a split handle and wedge. £55 inc P&P and Paypal fees...
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    Karesuando Bear knife for sale £50 inc P&P

    £45 for full members as per the post in the full members forum section.
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    Karesuando Bear knife for sale £50 inc P&P

    Now that you mention it, I'm not 100% sure. I'll google some details and see what I can find. EDIT: I'm pretty sure this is a Bear.
  8. MertzMan

    Karesuando Bear knife for sale £50 inc P&P

    Karesuando Bear knife for sale £50 inc P&P Used a few times to cut paper and once to cut some tape for a parcel. Selling as I don't use it.
  9. MertzMan

    GB Outdoor Axe with Beneath the Stars sheath and loop

    Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe with Beneath the Stars sheath and belt loop. £80 Inc delivery I can't get the pic to display here but have created a photobucket link showing 11 pictures in total.
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    Leatherman Rebar - New - £50

    I had a Leatherman Blast until it failed and I threw it in a draw about a year ago. Q discovering they have a 25 year warranty on them last week so I sent it back and got a Rebar as a replacement. Only issue is I got myself a Wave after the Blast gave up. So no I have this new Rebar that is...
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    Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe

    This is not a large axe! It is one of these: I'm a little baffled with technology but I shall endeavour to upload pics as I am able!
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    Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe

    For sale is my GB Outdoor Axe with a sheath by Angst of this parish. Used but not abused. Sharp enough to do the job but would benefit from a touch up if you're so inclined. No pics at the moment as the camera is on charge, but I'll update this evening with pics if there is any interest...
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    Advice needed: Estate car purchase, economical but big enough to sleep in!

    Mine was manual and didn't have them. A lot of the slushbox cars do tho.